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With the river un-dammed and the ogres set to the task of rounding up the chili golems, The Nettlers (and Taeros) head home to free their town from the orc mercenaries. However, before they breach the walls and enact their foolproof (?) plan to retake Nettle, they’ll need to reconnect with some old friends. Brinton’s brother, Bohrs, who was cast out by their con-artist parents as a child, has been living off the land for most of his life, and when he meets the party in the abandoned bandit camp, he decides to join their cause. A pair of guardsmen freed from their orcish overseer also agree to pitch in to help bring down the corrupt commander of the town guard, Baldric. Can the Nettlers (and Taeros) end the reign of Lord Edwardson, liberate Nettle from a band of tribeless orcs, and save the people they love, or will all their efforts thus far be in vain? Listen to find out!

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  • Nextlevel2

    You guys rock 🙂 this was a fun listen, its weird how Alex and Derek took over for Chris and Ed’s shannanigans, and Derek did a great job attempting the “batman voice”, usually Ed uses that seductor-ish English accent which the ladies go gaga-googoo over but the same goes with batman.
    And the tiny squirrel voice how was that accomplished, I think I wouldve strained my vocals haha
    James had me laughing with the boobies comment, Ryan scolding Alex and Derek (not sure if that was in character or not).
    You guys should try to play “end of the world – apocolypse”, where you play yourself. Ive wanted to tell you that for a while but I didnt want to appear too aggressive always commenting and suggesting things, but it may be fun, not sure since I haven’t played it yet.
    Thanks for sharing, peace out 🙂

    • I loved Derek’s Batman voice. total success. like, surprisingly so.

      I know I’ve heard of End of the World–didn’t they bring it up themselves a few episodes back?

      also totes not sure the steal the treasury plan will work. I mean, presumably the orcs could just take it themselves? they don’t seem too shy about that kind of thing, with their ronin status thing. they seem more interested in using Nettle to generate wealth, rather than taking the wealth that’s already there? idk

      I guess the plan’s shifting more toward revolution now anyway so

      • NextLevel2

        @ crawkill, so I’m not the only one (in reference specifically to Batman voice) – high 5 to you lol!! And I totally agree with you on the orc thing, you definitely bring an open ended- different perspective on the anatomy of some of the AP live plots and characters.

        Food for thought (if anyone’s noticed I’m a linguistic freak) so here goes, did you know that in OE (Old English) “orc” corresponds with Latin Orcus (deity of the Underworld)?
        And “dryad” comes from Old Greek meaning “oak”.

  • You like me!!! After all these games (including a hiatus or two at times), I FINALLY got some love!! i thank you and my ego thanks you!! 🙂

  • Chados

    Derek, you were great as the Go-pro wearing, Youtube-recording stuntman in the Frank ‘n’ Pete Cthulhu games, too.

    Ryan- I’ve only read Dungeon World, and run one game, but I don’t think you need to have the NPC’s roll stuff like Hack & Slash or Volley. Also, I think they shouldn’t really just “take damage”, unless they are unaware of a hidden archer or something- they should be able to attempt to defy danger, or counter with a H&S in some cases. I don’t think monsters just “hit”, unless the actions of the player demand it. (Like the PC is holding something and doesn’t want to risk dropping it, and just “takes the arrow”, concentrating on holding the delicate item, for example) It just depends on the narrative, I guess. It’s such a free-form system, and I love it.

    I didn’t even pick up any dice when I ran my game, even had the players roll their own damage from creatures.

    I guess you could roll NPC attacks if you want, but I believe the core game is designed with the idea that the PC’s roll actively, and the PC’s roll reactively if the situation demands it.

    (my opinion, of course)

    • You’re 100% right about the GM not having to roll 2d6 to determine the outcomes of his/her moves. NPCs in Apocalypse World games don’t even have stats to speak of, just moves they can make, a damage die, tags and their description. I was literally just making up modifiers on the fly every time I had to make a roll because the players seemed more comfortable seeing me roll along with them. I do plan to fix this in later games because it introduces the possibility of failure for the GM characters and negates the need for any of the players to make a Defend move.

      Even playing this way, I nearly killed three of the players in Game 7. Orc Shamans are kickass.

      • Chados

        It’s a great system, and I’m really into the Nettle campaign. Good stuff, Ryan. Even with the criticism-sounding comments, you are doing pretty awesome with the DW system.

        I was waiting to see the tougher orcs in action. Yikes. I’ll be listening to game 7 tomorrow at work!

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