Nov 262014
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With the river un-dammed and the ogres set to the task of rounding up the chili golems, The Nettlers (and Taeros) head home to free their town from the orc mercenaries. However, before they breach the walls and enact their foolproof (?) plan to retake Nettle, they’ll need to reconnect with some old friends. Brinton’s brother, Bohrs, who was cast out by their con-artist parents as a child, has been living off the land for most of his life, and when he meets the party in the abandoned bandit camp, he decides to join their cause. A pair of guardsmen freed from their orcish overseer also agree to pitch in to help bring down the corrupt commander of the town guard, Baldric. Can the Nettlers (and Taeros) end the reign of Lord Edwardson, liberate Nettle from a band of tribeless orcs, and save the people they love, or will all their efforts thus far be in vain? Listen to find out!

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