Dec 032014
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This week, the crew of The Diadem tracks down their missing client, Sinasu the Hutt, on Nar Shaddaa. Cal and Wert explore a safehouse that Sinasu’s crew sometimes use and discover a helpful lead. Meanwhile, Fenn, Shorty and 42 head over to the BactaMax healing facility to find one of Sinasu’s lieutenants, who may have been compromised by a rival gang. They eventually track the missing Hutt and his entourage to the water treatment system, where the gangsters have set up a base camp. However, in order to deliver the cargo, they’ll have to contend with a betrayer in their midst, an “old friend” who wants to turn them over to the Imperials, and a horde of enemy ships that may have followed them into the makeshift sanctuary. Can they unload the crate of krayts before it’s too late? Listen to find out!

  • NextLevel2

    I guess the battles are your favorite *wink-wink* , I could tell you guys struggled a few times through plus like I mentioned star wars is really tricky because there’s soooooo many components, time lines, realms and world’s, races, and this RP has different rules, you guys still did an great job relating through it. 🙂
    I think James took an energy drink before the recording lolz, crazy James *shakes head*.
    And Alex wanted to bite off the heads of some monsters a few times, I think I’d want to run in the corner when he gets like that, terrified that I’d no longer have a head left :/

    • Meyer

      I definitely struggled a bit because I’m a newbie GM and I’m learning as I go. As for the other guys, they are struggling because they are still learning the system which, as you said, has different rules than the other systems we play. Also Alex, James and Ryan don’t have as much knowledge about the universe and Ed, Will and I do and they, sometimes, have struggled with that. But I run more games we’ll, hopefully, become more comfortable running/playing it. The most important thing is everybody is engaged and enjoying it so far and I hope you enjoy listening to it.

      If you or any of our other listeners have any constructive criticism to make the game better let us know. And, as always, thanks for listening.

      • NextLevel2

        You’re fine Meyer!! I loved this episode, I did notice a struggle, nothing wrong with that, it didn’t impact my listening 🙂
        Keep doing what you love, I noticed you like star wars, and it’s admirable that your friends back you up and try to do what they do. Those are things I enjoy about listening.
        And you did a wonderful job as a GM!!

  • Taylor

    There’s nothing to do to simplify I played this once and I fucking hated it. And this is coming from someone who is obsessed with Star Wars. This is how I started playing. I grew curious to see how others handled this RP, not much different. The best part of this audio was the man belch midway because it was the same reaction I got only 2 minutes RPing in.

    • NextLevel2

      Hahaha! I said the same thing in one or two other episodes when someone burped, it’s part of the nerdy guy scene haha, Crazy. Or the random weird shit they do, cracks me up, the balance of different forms of entertainment.
      But yes, I enjoy star wars too. I’m no fanatic by all means but for instance I can’t wait for the new series of movies to come out. There’s another podcast I listen to who also does role playing star wars and I think they’re known for their star wars enactments, I have yet to listen to those episodes but they are really good.
      I’ve listened to these of course and love them, Alex makes me laugh because he’ll be like “ok so do airships stop functioning if you hit the reactors?!… Oh, ok because I think androids have to be plugged in to get more power” hahaha! In Meyer voice “don’t get racist on us!” 😉

  • Quantum Maqaniks

    Thought after listening and reading these comments that I would add how decent of a belch that was in the middle of nowhere.
    Most shows I listen to struggle with Star Wars, maybe practicing off-air and listening to others who excel in Star Wars would assist with this. I have yet to play but I’ve been brushing up on the mechanics.

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