Dec 102014
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Following the near-disaster of their bank heist, The Fear Force Five head back to their new hideout in the abandoned warehouse to count their loot and regroup. What they don’t realize is that Porter, the demon fueling The Sparkler’s powers, has assumed control of his host, and intends to drag his poor, mewling mortal bodily to the hot place. Now, Porter has just twenty-four hours to run roughshod over The Sparkler’s life, destroying the things he loves the most. His family is in danger, as are his trainer, his crush, and even his cat, Sylvester. What none of them could anticipate is that the Fear Force Five itself is also on the list, which means that Porter is obligated to bring ruin down on their heads. Can Apex City’s most feared team of supervillains save one of their own from an eternity in perdition–and, more importantly, after Porter finishes his work, will they even want to? Listen to find out!

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  • omg, the section on dragging to hell. I got a copy of Better Angels a while ago as a solidarity thing but never had any real reason to read it. I’d forgotten that Greg Stolze’s authorial voice in RPGs is the single most charming and readable there is. I was having Unknown Armies flashbacks in the best way. (do you guys know Unknown Armies? DID YOU KNOW IT’S GETTING A THIRD EDITION?)

    also very very pleased Ryan gets to be the one steering a dragging to hell

    okay that’s enough words for ten minutes into the session

  • Omega


  • Chris

    I’m kinda sad that Will’s gay competitive lumberjack had to die, but not too sad since I guess I did have a lot to do with it. I was even sadder that Mr. Who didn’t make an appearance.

  • Chados

    I had an “Oh no he didn’t…” moment when Porter called the cops. Quite the surprise, Ryan, but it did make sense since Will wrote the Fiendish Five on the list.

    Very awesome episode. Several great moments.

    • Chados

      And, of course I mean Fear Force Five…

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