Dec 312014
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In this week’s Actual Play, the prisoners from The Big Break finally put their plan into motion and mount a daring escape. First, however, they must recover the warden’s security passkey, without which they cannot access the dry docks where submarines from the surface make regular deliveries. In the warden’s personal quarters, they discover another prisoner, one mysteriously immune to the alien creatures that have turned other inmates into hyper-loyal, super strong footsoldiers, and rescue him from solitary confinement. When the escapees trigger the warden’s dead man switch on a hidden booby trap, they must find an alternate route out of the prison complex, one which will lead them to confront the prison doctor and a squad of alien hybrids in hopes of boarding the one escape sub. Can they defeat the hybrids and pilot the sub to freedom, or will they find themselves sealed in a watery tomb? Listen to find out!

  • hey, I just met you~
    but you’re a PC~
    so I will trust you~
    the reason’s hazy~

  • NextLevel2

    … I actually liked this campaign *pouts*.
    You guys are all so Loco but you got to love it, can’t stop listening haha!
    Happy new years to everyone!! 🙂 🙂 welcome to 2015!

  • I think there’s a lot of room here for creativity on the part of the players. I agree with the feedback that you need a better network for getting stuff in, and you should also make it somewhat common for people to sneak out of their cells at night (possibly some of them prowling around looking for more meat). There can be a surprising amount of leeway for that kind of stuff in an actual prison, but with a Mythos horror show prison, there’s even more. This place shouldn’t operate like a normal, modern prison. People disappearing without a trace shouldn’t be so surprising, not even to the guards. The guards getting hungry and just eating someone and not telling anyone about it sounds very believable in this scenario.

    I think a lot of groups playing this would come up with the Chewbacca solution, it’s a trope, it provides a lot of freedom of movement, if this scenario were published it would probably happen at least half the time. But it made a lot of sense to me, because here’s how it worked in my head canon: this prison is extremely isolated, as isolated as they could figure out how to make it. The guards have to be already infected with the experimental mythos parasite, and getting new guards in must be nearly impossible. The transformation can become extremely physical and more and more difficult to hide. I just figured guard duty was blood in: sometimes the parasites break out of their hosts and leave their husks on the floor, or the guards become unrecognizable as humans, or prisoners kill them and take their place. But by then, they’re usually already hooked on the meat and in the middle of their own transformation, so even when the guards notice the PCs are former prisoners, as long as they don’t attack them, they’re just like, “So, I see you’ve noticed just how good the food is around here,” or something hopefully slightly more clever than that. A possible end game could even be fuck it, we like the meat, we’ve got lots of meat here, nobody will judge us, we’re part of the club now, we’re in charge, let’s stay and be cannibal guards at this underwater meat locker prison.

    • NextLevel2

      That’s what makes these plays so interesting, to me, is the ample amount of creativity per individual that can bring it to the table. It takes out of body imagination, tactical mobility and spontaneity.

      On a different realm of things, I saw “escape plan” not long ago, where a guy was imprisoned in a maximum security prison and his job before he was locked up was to find a way of escaping prisons. I the premise of the movie was an “escape” of course (unpredictabally), go figure haha… It was an absolute ingenious storyline, but they could have done much better with the plot, in my opinion… If it was up to the “ragnerdrok” crew I think it would have been much better!! 🙂 :p

      I like prison-ish storylines but there’s so many out there, it’s like you have to make it stand out and unique.

  • Danny

    An alcoholic beverage in one hand, a sandwich in another,
    can we go any further?

    Zombies, prisioned photosynthesis, political corruption, race wars.
    The roll of dice. Yet another.

  • Chados

    This has to be the most (unintentionally?) hilarious Ragnerdrok episode I’ve listened to as of yet. I almost wanted to see Ed let Meyer, James, and Derek get to the second sub and be all like “Ah, fuck.” and then Alex, Ryan, and Erik sitting in the jail cell, like “WTF is going on?”

    I’ve had the same experiences running CoC with one or more of the players being criminals and the shit going off the rails. Still, the Roleplaying was top notch, and for some reason I would like to see Meyer eat a sandwich again. Mmm… Sandwiches.

    • Alex

      Honestly, that’s what I was expecting too. I was totally prepared for my character to be left to rot in his cell. But it’s good that he wasn’t?

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