Dec 242014
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A few months after their terrifying encounter in Portland, Maine, the frazzled gang of Mythos hunters has gone into hiding, waiting for a new case to present itself. When Agent Lundy calls with news of a home invasion and vicious beating, Frank must round up his friends and head to Lancaster, PA, where holiday folklore seems to have collided with cosmic horror. A mysterious creature seems to be brutally punishing the wicked with a switch and a whip–or is it really warning them of something far more dire? As our Investigators delve deeper into the victims’ lives, their town, and the history of terrifying Christmas season attacks, it soon becomes clear that some kind of Germanic boogeyman is on the loose. Can Frank and company prevent this creature from killing again, or will this happy holiday be their last? Listen to find out, on a special Christmas session of our Call of Cthulhu campaign!Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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