Jan 212015
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These are the voyages of the starship Sexy Raptor. The sexy five-year mission of its sexy crew— we aren’t quite sure what it is, honestly, but we’ll be damned if they don’t look good doing it! There’s Lt. UNIVAC Jones, the Sexy Android and science officer, who suffers from a robotic lack of affect and has an interchangeable pelvis. The Honorable Dirk Parallax serves as the ship’s Sexy Envoy, bringing a deep-rooted empathy to all his sexy interactions with alien species. Dr. Stacey Lovemore, the Sexy, Sexy Doctor, keeps the crew in good health after their sexy away missions, which involve far fewer STIs than you might think. Ens. Archimedes Redshirt, the Raptor’s Sexy Dangerous Pilot (who might be a Time Lord), steers the ship clear of danger just in the nick of time. Finally, there’s Lt. Cmdr. G’nex G’nathiroyd, Sexy Alien Engineer with more appendages and orifices than any sane person would care to think about. With Captain D’Arcy out of commission in the med bay, it’s up to these intrepid (and sexy) crewpersons to fend off a potential invasion of an alien world by the fearsome Hive Armada. Can they repel the invading insects and save an innocent civilization, or will all their sexy expertise go to waste? Listen to find out! 

  • NextLevel2

    This one is definitely my kind of RPG yaayy! Did everyone choose “sexy” which is why the reoccurring theme is Sexy Sexy sexy? What about ‘dangerous’ hmmm dangerous and sexy…

    Rebecca is awesome- how did you know Ganax meant ‘fucking shit-hole galactic asshole scum dirtbag with ten penises’ in my native language!! I see how great minds think alike! :p

    I’m still listening so I can’t wait to see where this is going haha!

  • Alex

    The way character creation works in this game is that every players picks an adjective and a noun, so “Smart Doctor” or “Dangerous Pilot,” and that’s your concept. Except this time, everyone wanted to be sexy, and I thought it was funny, so I let everyone have “sexy” for free and then an additional adjective on top of that.

    • NextLevel2

      Ah ok, it just went over my head for a second lol, my bad. And it was a perfect theme.
      I think the porn industry might borrow some ideas from this episode, so be prepared for copyright infringement.

      It was definitely entertaining to listen to, I felt it had some elements of the episode ‘night of the living Danielles’.. And I’m also glad everyone enjoyed themselves 🙂

      I am quite perplexed it was only an hour and a half, so you should post a bonus episode! 🙂

  • I think 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time for this kind of nonsense. favorite moment by far was when the emissary mumbled that, look, he’s got these cuecards. perfect delivery, Alex.

    I honestly thought sexy was built into the system/setting

  • Ethan C.

    Nice game. Well played by the Envoy especially!

  • Chados

    The Envoy/Bug queen sequence(and Space Wikipedia) were my favorite parts, and the rest of it was also awesome. I got genuine Feelings from this AP. Also, Lasers.

    And then, later: LaserFeelings.

  • [insert quest here]

    Where’s the art that was mentioned at the end of the recording?

    • I must’ve forgotten to include it with the post. Here are Rebecca’s drawings, in all their zany glory!

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