Jan 282015
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When The Nettlers (and Taeros) freed the citizens of Nettle from the oppressive control of orc mercenaries, they unknowingly touched off a peasants’ revolt that swept through the kingdom. The people took up arms in the name of an obscure goddess of the hearth called Harmonia, tearing down the established social order in bloody combat and exiling the former nobility of the realm to a hellish extra-dimensional plane. Now, eight months later, Nettle has become the epicenter of the revolution, and the party members find themselves caught between a popular uprising and their unfulfilled promises to the dryads. Can these brave heroes once again unite to complete their quest, or will they end up casualties of a war they helped to start? Listen to find out!

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  • NextLevel2

    Interesting how you choose the God of hunting to be male when in the most popular mythological deities it’s always female (Neith – Egyptian goddess of war and hunting, Artemis – Greek goddess of wildness and hunting, in Roman mythology Artemis is Diana goddess of wildness and hunting). It’s cool to see a contrast in mindset with things like that. I like the name Wendish too 🙂 Shmelo reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings a perfect character for James to recreate hahaha, he’d make an awesome Gollum.

    I liked how you guys described the characters in the beginning, almost something like an audio novel. Gives a good visual.

    Oh and there’s different kinds of chilli, Tex-Mex chilli is not the real thing, they mix it with Southern ingredients, delicious in its own right and really popular especially on the Food Network television. If I was near you guys which I live in Florida, then I’d cook you guys a nice delicious chilli with rice (Puerto Rican style) to make your stomachs warm, which is totally different.

    Another great episode as usual, keep doing your thing.

  • Omega

    That was a kickass cold open. It really shows off the kind of TV Drama stuff Apocalypse Engine games are kind of geared for (even if most of the rules in DW are related to murderhoboism). And look at Ryan, using custom moves. Which is a great way to handle skipping time in these games too. I’m eager to hear what the rest of the flashbacks are now.

  • cool structure. for something so silly, chilimancy is surprisingly dark.

  • Chados

    When you went through the list of names for Bors, I was like “Wendish”. Funny, it seems like such a good name. The custom level move with the flashback sequences was pretty cool. WTF is going on with the town! I guess we’ll find out.

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