Feb 112015
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Dangerous experiments aboard Star Station Sigma have created a deadly white hole that is slowly pulling the hab and its remaining crew closer and closer. What do the doomed inhabitants choose to do with their few precious remaining hours? Try to expand their territory to encompass every last cubic meter of pressure, of course! Don Tachyoni and his dim-witted mafiosi Fat Carlo and Donny are out to make their fellow crew members an offer they can’t refuse, but when the station’s only remaining doctor accidentally exposes Donny to a dangerous mutagen, all their takeover plans get complicated. Can The Tachyoni Mob tighten its grip on Star Station Sigma before it’s crushed into quantum foam? Will anyone survive this nonsense, and more importantly, by the time the mutagen spreads its influence across the station, will they even want to? Listen to find out!

  • these really were the best Fiasco characters you guys’ve ever had. not the best outcome! (I’m still sooo disappointed that the Mexican feds didn’t show up on the lawn in that one where the characters got accused of child solicitation.) but in a history of great characters, this goes up there with the signal being kept cold. which may still be the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever fucking heard.

  • Whyco

    Ed wins all the awards for that accent.

    • Toku

      I 100% agree. When Shark Donny showed up I thought i was gonna die from laughter

  • NextLevel2

    Ryan’s description of Carlos had me rolling in laughter, what the fuck was that haha I don’t think I’ve heard adjectives of gluttony used so heavy before.

    Ed used an interesting accent, I couldn’t quite pick up on it, if it was Russian or better yet a mixture between Russian and New Jersey!?

    And Eric seemed to completely disappear midway through.

    Fun listen, you guys are awesome.

    • Erik left halfway through the recording, which is why we didn’t include him when we rolled up the game. He was feeling tired that night and he knew he wasn’t going to stay for the whole thing.

      Consequently, this was our third attempt to complete a game of Fiasco using the White Hole playset. The first two times we made it up to the Tilt and had to quit, once because Meyer got really drunk and decided that his character was going to molest mine, and once because Erik got tired and left early. So third time’s the charm. Yay!

      EDIT: I also wanted to say that I had an amazing time playing Fat Carlo. I have to agree with those who say that Ed takes top honors, though, for the doctor with the indecipherable accent and, of course, for Donny.

      • Fat Carlo had an amazing intro/concept (aaah the chameleon skin and the head nothing compares2u) but didn’t get nearly enough attention as things went on. when he first showed, I imagined maybe he was -actually- a -martial arts master,- so long as he had his repulsor belt on. once it turned out that wasn’t a thing, he was just kinda upstaged by Donny (does Ed have a theater background? you’re all improv artists, but he a) can quote obscure Sweeney Todd songs and b) often develops attentiongrab best in the group).

        Carlo needed either to be a mastermind or a physical threat, and he was neither; he just ended up being a(n amazing) visual element.

        man you guys Fiasco well

        • I do in fact have a theatre background. I’ve done a lot of community theatre and majored in Drama Studies at SUNY Purchase. Sadly, in my old age, I find myself with less and less time to pursue it. I am thankful to be able to explore it a bit on Rag-NERD-rok, especially in character driven fiascos like this one.

  • Kevin

    This was glorious. Ragnerdrok fiascos are always great, but this was pretty inspired. I dream of a sequel wherein a victorious assembly of Donny heads/faces rests after their battle. Little do they realize that across the galaxy a cyclopean power millennia old senses Donny and begins to pursue him/them across the galaxy. All the while it murmurs ftifully to itself “traaaaaade heads” in a thousand different voices.

    • YES! We must make this happen.

  • Omega

    Definitely a top-tier game. You guys do great Fiascos, but this is definitely in the upper percentile. Such a marvelous round of accent theater I don’t think I could manage myself.

  • RatPrince

    This was a great Fiasco, though all of them are pretty awesome, this one has to be one of my favorites.
    Dem accents. Glorious!

  • Chados

    Fucking Shark Donny. All of the Donnys(Donnies?)… Ed, Ryan and Alex(and even half-Erik)- you guys were fucking on fire this episode! Oh my god, I was actually crying from laughing so hard.

  • [insert quest here]

    Very possibly the most hilarious AP I’ve ever listened to. You had me in fuckin’ stiches. -Ray

  • Just relistened to this…still on the floor laughing.

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