Feb 182015
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Cooper, a human technician on a mission to eradicate evil, Zed, the last surviving soldier from an ancient army of killer robots, and Wender, a Shintani mutant with terrifying powers, find themselves on the run from the Tellurian Authority after stealing the science vessel Nexus and escaping from a secret research station in deep space. Their ship badly in need of repairs, they put down on the abandoned world of Fracture, a failed terraforming site, where they hope to scavenge remnant technology from a fallen civilization. They soon discover that this pit-stop won’t be as straightforward as they originally thought: the vast stabilizers mitigating the planet’s intense gravity are about to give out, causing a catastrophic implosion that could spell doom for them all. They decide to proceed to the core of the planet in hopes of restoring the machinery and finding the parts they need to repair their ship. Can they fight their way past a squad of security drones that still serve their long-absent masters and save the planet before it’s too late? Find out, in this special scientific romance installment of Dungeon World!

This episode and its characters were based on the Dungeon World supplement Adventures on Dungeon Planet, by Johnstone Metzger. The new genre-specific character classes, races and compendium classes are all wonderful.

  • NextLevel2

    “We have to pop this planet’s gravity zit…. And then if we get some antimatter we’re good” – part of a montage of Alex’s witty quotes.

    The appearance of Meyer’s character reminded me of the monster in “Pan’s Labyrinth” when Ophelia had to find a golden key (I think it was or maybe some other apparatus?!) and she couldn’t eat the fruits on top of the table, if she did she’d awaken this monster who put eyeballs in the palms of his eyes. See Meyer you could help create a script for a movie 😉

    I have to say you guys definitely made me run to a dictionary and an encyclopedia a few times in this episode, there was a lot of space/universal aspects I quite didn’t remember from school, but I really enjoy the challenge of learning new things.

    I think Derek did a really great job too, there’s a lofty atmospheric comfortability about him and I think it attaches itself to the characters he plays in different ways when he plays.

    Oh and the chiming noise towards the middle to end sent me into laughter because I truly don’t know how every couple episodes you guys end up with such strange noises haha
    Anyways thanks for sharing.

    • NextLevel2

      *in the palm of his hands (not in the palms of his eyes)

    • That’s my wife sending me text messages. I’ll have to tell her that you appreciate her contributions to the games.

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