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In the wake of Porter’s abortive Hell-dragging, the members of the Fear Force Five find their lives in ruins. Now that the public knows their civilian identities, they can no longer operate within Apex City, so the League of Supervillains offers them a chance to start over in a new locale. The team is sent to the desert metropolis of Bulbous Quarry, where they are given new lives and assigned to work under the supervision of a once-great villain who’s looking to get back in the game. Far from home, the Triple-F must once again start from scratch with new villainous personas and gimmicks. Can they use this exile as an opportunity to reclaim their former glory, or is it merely a kind of living hell? Will they be able to stay on the League’s good side after all the trouble they caused? And what about Porter, the demon whose talisman the surviving members have vowed to destroy? Find out, this week in our Better Angels campaign!

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  • The answer is obviously The Invisible Hand.

  • Omega

    Excellent continuation, you guys really seem like you’re doing a lot of time-tricks and in media res stuff lately, but it’s really good, very dynamic. I too will be eager to see what daily life is like for the #FearForceFive? in future. Though #PhantomForce also works pretty good.

    In your minds, how do you guys picture the Apex City Chronicle? Is it like a graphic novel, or a movie? I get a cartoonish or motion comic vibe of the story some times, and I was wondering what you guys thought.

    • Alex

      You know, I never really thought of the Apex City games like that before. I’d say it’s probably something animated or drawn. I feel like it’s a little too cartoonish at times to be a live-action show or movie. I think a comic, motion or otherwise, is probably what I would picture it as.

      • Omega

        Sometimes when I’m thinking Genres/tropes it helps me to visualize the media format I’d place it in, as a kind of rule for how I think things should play. Like for me, my Wild Talents campaign I’ve always imagined it as a cartoon maybe animated by an asian studio, like the Young Justice show or the DC animated movies, because I can’t parse all the SFX as live action CG. When I run Eclipse Phase, I also feel that’s very animesque, like Ghost in the Shell or Psycho-Pass, or maybe rendered like the newest Deus Ex game.

  • 2015 is the year of nonlinear storytelling at Ragnerdrok! The Phantom’s Fingers? you get plenty of gross jokes outta that and it goes along with fisting well.

    so I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this, but my name is Will, so when Will is getting barked at I sometimes, like, snap my head up or otherwise respond in a way you’d think someone whose name is a modal verb would’ve grown immune to by now.

    • NextLevel2

      I have yet to hear anyone with my name in the panel damn it! I want to turn my head thinking someoneis ccalling out to me! I have a rather common name too Daniel (but everyone calls me Danny, and my mom and sister in law call me Dan, I hate Dan), so I too have grown immune to hearing people call out my name and I’m like ‘what’s up, you called me?!’

      I found this episode really interesting in more ways than one :

      The storytelling was divided into a different dynamic different than others, the last half had some flawless reenactments, in my opinion, the accents and conversations were executed very well, I was literally so in tune to the recording that I forgot it was an RPG.

      Fisting Phantoms, hmm, all I have to say to that is ‘ouch’!! No more comments on that before I scare everyone.

      • Alex

        We’ll have to randomly start yelling “Danny!” during games from now on.

  • Kevin

    I thought ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ was perfect and creepy as hell. The opening notes play as the camera pans across a darkened room to settle on a lit radio. The scene fades out as “so let me please introduce myself” plays and you see a well-dressed figure with burning red eyes standing in a circle of light, their hat shadowing the rest of their face. “I’m a man, of wealth and taste” and the figure smiles with eerily lit/jagged teeth. The camera zooms in and fades to black. The credits roll, set to the song.

    “Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name” both tantalizes and mocks the audience with the return of Porter, Ryan’s mysterious, manipulative, and malevolent demon. I’d watch the hell outta that.

    I’d also love to see the Phantom Fist really take the idea of mentoring to heart, especially with the two younger, ‘wayward’ members of the five. Sure Maximillian’s an asshole but you remember being a young supervillian new to your powers, and Jerry shows plenty of promise as well.

    Mechanics wise, besides Meyer talking to/being more animals and Ed’s sudden snake fetish (that could get awkward with an animorphing teammate) were there any big power change ups after the rework?

  • Chados

    I like the new direction, guys. Uh, guys? (I got it, too. Sorry Will)

    It doesn’t look like the new Boss is someone you’d want to disappoint, even moreso than Dr. Monstrosity. I was wondering if Meyer was going to point out how nice the servant was, and get the poor guy BBQ’ed. Heh- BBQ.

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