Apr 222015
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When we last left our band of Investigators, they had tracked down the source of the mysterious break-ins and assaults in Lancaster, PA: a Germanic holiday gremlin called a Belsnickel who comes as a dire warning to those in mortal danger. In order to keep the townspeople alive past Christmas, they’ll have to face down an ancient witch and her terrifying “pet.” While they tool up for the confrontation, Agent Lundy receives word that the FBI is hot on the trail of Frank Lamont after a former ally of theirs turned state’s evidence, and he decides to join the group in Pennsylvania. In order to gain more intel on their foe, the group summons the nightmarish Carriage Driver, who gives them a number of possibly useful spells. Can Frank and company infiltrate the crypt where the witch sleeps, defeat her and her holiday horror, and escape with their lives? More importantly, is it worth robbing a blood bank to power a Teleport spell? Listen to find out, in the epic conclusion of “Merry Christmas, Frank Lamont!”

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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