Apr 222015
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When we last left our band of Investigators, they had tracked down the source of the mysterious break-ins and assaults in Lancaster, PA: a Germanic holiday gremlin called a Belsnickel who comes as a dire warning to those in mortal danger. In order to keep the townspeople alive past Christmas, they’ll have to face down an ancient witch and her terrifying “pet.” While they tool up for the confrontation, Agent Lundy receives word that the FBI is hot on the trail of Frank Lamont after a former ally of theirs turned state’s evidence, and he decides to join the group in Pennsylvania. In order to gain more intel on their foe, the group summons the nightmarish Carriage Driver, who gives them a number of possibly useful spells. Can Frank and company infiltrate the crypt where the witch sleeps, defeat her and her holiday horror, and escape with their lives? More importantly, is it worth robbing a blood bank to power a Teleport spell? Listen to find out, in the epic conclusion of “Merry Christmas, Frank Lamont!”

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  • Thank Azathoth! I was worried I might have to wait until next Christmas 🙂

  • Kevin


    Frank! Nooooo! Well, Doctor Pepper too but that’s what happens when you stand in front. They had good runs (well…) and I loved them while they lasted. All good things must come to an end. Spiro (Spyro?) has an amazing voice and Pete needs one as well, if only as the bitter narrator that’s seen so many come and go.

    Except now I cant get the image out of my head of Pete sitting in the back of the Winnebago looking out the window and saying ‘Lamont abides’ as the mystery Winnebago drives off towards whatever troubles and traumas may come next.

  • Omega

    Somebody pick up the phone, because I called it!

    Great session, Ed’s CoC work is consistently strong, even with groups this large. I also like how Ed mashes random folklore and “Sci-Fi Channel Movie” elements with the Mythos. Now if only Delta Green or MJ-12 would get involved.

  • I was just thinking last week about how I didn’t think this would ever be finished! I’m glad I was wrong.

    so endeth the Chronicle! and man, Ed, you gotta…gotta tug on those reins a little now and then. like, half of this episode was conversations about teleportation and car purchase. c’mon. and yaaay more Chris (I’m gonna keep saying this until it gets awkward enough someone asks me to stop)

    this isn’t my favorite approach to Mythos horror–it’s a little too human, a little too animist. I like the “every though you are capable of having is wrong by definition” kind more. I was sad the packing peanuts didn’t make a return. that, to me, is what cosmic horror is about–nightmarish things that are completely senseless. any mountain lion might maul you to death, but it takes a fundamental misunderstanding of the human condition to kill someone for Bad Behavior and then stuff their stomach with packing peanuts to make the point. that’s what I dig, and definitely my favorite detail in this scenario. I was kind of curious, though, as to why human definitions of bad behavior were in the picture at all. the Mythos punishing us for bad behavior is akin to us punishing zooplankton for eating phytoplankton, except on a scale infinitely broader than that.

    and when players complain about the cost of spells, you fucking stare them down and say THAT’S RIGHT BITCH, GUESS WHAT, MAGIC IS AN EVIL SCIENCE. Elder Signs aren’t good! they’re just representatives of cosmic forces thankfully not very prominent on Earth that stand in opposition to those Mythos forces that do operate in abundance here, in the same sense that a black hole, from a pre-Hawking radiation perspective, appears to violate conservation of energy. an Elder Sign is a black hole, and you absolutely should never, ever use one, and it should be made clear that you’re wrecking yourself and the planet by protecting yourself with one.

    • Omega

      I’ve just realized that in all that rush with Frank, there was was no usual post-mortem about what the deal was, nor was there a spooky diary anywhere explaining what happened.

      Though, based on all the Mythos idols and the grimoire, it sounds to me like “Bertha” was a Mythos Sorcerer, which would explain her anthropomorphism. She’s a human who went crazy and is hundreds of years old.

  • Chados

    Hey, new comment system.

    It was kind of a clusterfuck with what- 8 players?


    NOOOOoooooOOOooooo…oo… Nurse Dr. Pepper! Frank Lamont! So it’s just the “Adventures of Pete the dog” from now on? I hope you continue with some of these characters. Some, I say, because Lundy might not survive the beginning of the next episode(and probably shouldn’t- I’m not a big of PC killing PCs in a party).

  • Dagmar Jones

    Disappointing ending to a pretty fun set of games. I think Chris’s griefer tendencies make for some great Fiasco games, but they were pretty detrimental here. I’d have enjoyed seeing Frank go out in more of a blaze of glory– seemed like the character deserved it after all the previous stuff.

    • Oh, Dagmar, my sweet summer child! Do you really think that Ed will let Frank die that easily? Plans are already underway to drag him kicking and screaming back to the lands of the living.

      The poor, poor bastard.

      • Unit Omega

        Oh, rez in CoC. That’ll be fun. Hope Frank liked raw meat.

  • Chris

    I would just like to point out here that I made sure it was a-ok with Ryan before attempting to have Lundy kill Frank. I’m not a COMPLETE asshole 😛

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