Apr 292015
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In this week’s No Way! Squad: East Coast adventure, the gang receives an urgent message from the elderly teleporting scientist Dr. Jones, summoning them to NWS Headquarters. It seems the world is in grave danger, and only Boston’s team of franchise superheroes can save the day. Before he can explain the nature of the emergency, however, Dr. Jones teleports away, and the Squad is left to face off against a gang of Rusty Buckshot’s old enemies, a group of ’80s street toughs who want his cup of diamonds! Are raging tornadoes, alien clones, highly implausible trick shots and the shapeshifting power of Michael Jackson enough to send this gang packing? The rumble is on, and the members of The No Way! Squad are about to find out!

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  • Unit Omega

    Another lovely session of Wushu. Though I feel like the “weasels” (Or is is weazelz?) weren’t quite as funny this time. But the Michael Jackson jokes probably made up for it.

    I can’t comment on the Power Rangers stuff, I missed that boat by a couple years.

    • Michael Jackson jokes were about 50 percent of this game.

  • crawlkill

    the first thing I thought of when I started this episode was CUP OF DIAMONDS and then CUP OF DIAMONDS HAPPENED

    • I was so happy when the cup of diamonds made a glorious return.

    • ErikRNR

      Erik’s FAAAAAAAAAVORITE cup!

      • Erik’s FAAAAAAAAAAvorite the first think I though of when.

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