Sep 302015
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On the fantasy cyberpunk streets of future Seattle, Shadowrunners eke out a living among the criminal syndicates and crooked megacorps. Two partners, brutish orc street samurai The Cracker and shut-in decker St3ph3n!, accept a job from a holistic doctor whose daughter has been kidnapped by local mafiosi. He sends them to a local fast food restaurant managed by the outfit’s underboss, Vic Fratelli. In order to get the girl, the two runners will have to fight their way past a posse of armed guards amid innocent civilians trying to enjoy their soy burgers. When their planning (or lack thereof) results in a full-scale riot and another unexpected kidnapping, they’ll have to handle a delicate hostage exchange. Can they survive the confrontation, rescue the girl, and turn a profit on this job, or will they find themselves sleeping with the cybernetic fishes?

  • prototyper

    Thank You !! As much as I like Eclipse Phase, it is nice to have some good old-time Cyberpunk action!! It isn’t CP2020 (Yeah, I’m weird like that), but this is pretty good. This might be a one-shot, but keep the CP action coming. Thanks again!!

  • Chados

    Wait, Steven is in this one?


  • Chados

    Hey, I wouldn’t mind seeing more Shadowrun. Interesting dice mechanic in this one, rolling a ton of dice sometimes, but seemed pretty simple once you get into it.

    They totally didn’t Meyer-proof this adventure.

    • After knowing Meyer for more than 12 years and role playing with him for a little less than that, I’m thoroughly convinced that the only way to completely Meyer-proof a game is for him not to participate.

    • I wouldn’t mind running (or playing) more Shadowrun, either. The system is kind of easy once you get the hang of it (very WoD-esque). The problem is that character creation is just as complicated as Eclipse Phase — which is to say, very. Maybe one day we’ll get a little SR campaign going. I already have a few ideas for runs.

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