Oct 072015
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This week, the gang checks out 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons! A human cleric, an elf ranger, a tiefling sorcerer, and a half-orc barbarian set out to reclaim an abandoned temple dedicated to the Olympian gods from a group of monstrous squatters who have taken refuge there. In order to purge the evil from the seemingly random maze beneath the temple, they’ll need to fight their way through a gorgon, a medusa, and a handful of ghouls. Can they clear the dungeon and claim its treasures?

  • Unit Omega

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  • Chados

    Oh shit, D&D! While it’s not my favorite system/campaign(that would be EP or Call of Cthulhu(DG, mostly)), my friends prefer it and I’m knowledgeable with probably 95% of the rules- been playing since last October.

    I’ve only got about 25 minutes in, and I’m sure I’ll have fun with this one- starting with Alex rolling to cast a light cantrip. 😉 I’ll try to refrain from too many rules corrections, as you guys have probably figured out a few by the time you read this.

  • Loops

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  • Chados

    Finally went back and finished the episode. I don’t want to make a bunch of rules corrections, but I think you guys might have over 50% of the rules right by the end of the episode. 😉

    Paul did *not* break the system- Hunter’s Mark and Hail of Thorns are both Concentration spells(so you can only have one of them going at a time), and further: “Hail” only works on your *next* attack- the duration only works for as long as you concentrate, trying to set up a shot, but then the spell is over after the attack.

    It was a pretty fun game, though!

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