Feb 242016
Rag-NERD-rok Podcast Tree

For the rabbits of Manhattan’s Central Park, the surrounding urban landscape is a harsh, unforgiving nightmare, the incomprehensible world of humans. In the warren’s history, only one rabbit has braved the blaring noise, speeding machines and choking smells of The Gray and lived to tell the tale. When a swift but overly anxious rabbit called Floppy accidentally tumbles to the sidewalk outside the park, the others must work together in order to rescue him. However, there are worse things in The Gray than humans and midtown traffic, including feral cats with relationship woes. Can the rabbits rescue their friend from a pair of neurotic cats before he is torn to shreds?

  • Alfredo

    Mouseguard next?

    • *shakes head*

      Sorry. Too broke to buy the $60 starter set, and even if I could afford it, we wouldn’t be playing any time soon. Alex and I were just saying the other day how there are so many things we’d love to try out but don’t have the time to play. He’s been itching to run The Laundry Files for ages now, and I’ve had my copy of Base Raiders for almost a year.

  • Chados

    Got caught up with all the new stuff, so I’m going through a few APs that I missed. Rainstorm really has a mouth that gets him in trouble with the cats! Pretty much guaranteed that the cats will be back. 😮

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