May 112016

Exhausted from rescuing the Martian dignitaries from Barsoomian agitators, the Stray Thoughts team takes a break from fighting terrorists for a Girls’ Day Out in Elysium. They’ll need to look and feel their best when when they meet the reclusive Marquis, Mars’ crime kingpin. They’ve been invited to a gala event at his estate, a party where anyone who’s anyone is wearing the latest meta-material fashions. When they make contact, The Marquis gives them a simple mission to test their trustworthiness. If they can arrange a meeting with his long-estranged partner-in-crime, a legitimate businessman named Abebe, he’ll send them on an errand that will get them invited to Elis’ party. To learn the reasons behind Proxy Mute’s betrayal, they’ll have to complete this simple courier op, but can they pull it off without resorting to horrifying amounts of violence?

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  • Chados

    Also, 200th official actual play?

    • Yup! Meyer was disappointed that we didn’t plan anything special, but we’ll probably end up doing something for #250. Look for that in about a year. 😛

      • Chados

        250: Fly all the fans out to NY and we do a live podcast at Times Square. Something big- maybe we barbecue a RNR cast member, Live? Meyer?

        • Robert P.

          They tried that with Will in Apocalypse World, didn’t go too well.

        • If we’re going to barbecue anyone, it would be Will. And I’m not sure how kindly the NYPD would take to us roasting a person alive in Times Square. We’d probably have to go to Staten Island for that. And nothing is worth going to Staten Island for.

  • Chados


  • James Tate
  • Chados

    Now that I’ve listened to the whole episode- Girls Day Out was super awesome, love the Hat-Hat, and the tension at the end. I wasn’t sure how the situation was going to go until the end, either.

  • [insert quest here]

    Couple of days to Jupiter, from Mars? Seems a bit short for a space flight. Even in an anti-matter ship wouldn’t it take like 3 weeks?

    • It’s the future future!

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