May 182016
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This week, the Stray Thoughts team goes on its toughest mission yet, a trip to Jovian space, to retrieve something from one of Gavin’s former colleagues. Much as things have remained eerily unchanged over the past century, the military oligarchy that once governed the Jovian Republic has been overtaken by a new, more open-minded regime. The greatest hero in the war of liberation, a woman known as “La Puta,” has enjoyed a long career as a prominent public figure and elected representative, and now lives in seclusion under heavy guard. This woman, Gavin tells the group, is in possession of a miniature server whose contents he cannot disclose, a device that they must retrieve if they want his help getting into Elis’ party. Can the ex-Sentinels infiltrate Liberty City, gain access to a prominent Jovian citizen known for her reclusiveness and abrasive demeanor, and convince her to give up the server?

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