May 252016

The Stray Thoughts team has escaped from the Jovian Republic, but their exit is not going as smoothly as they’d hoped. After stepping through a Pandora gate and onto a distant exoplanet, they discover that the blue box that was supposed to allow them to return to the solar system is missing. Their only hope of getting home is to explore the surface of this new world until they find it. The team soon encounters a village full of stunted purple beings who claim to be the descendants of humans brought here during The Fall, a people whose absent sky gods promised them long ago that one day, they would be summoned home to “The Broken Herth.” Overjoyed at the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy, the villagers celebrate the former Sentinels’ arrival with a magnificent feast. However, during the festivities it becomes clear that the diminutive purple people live under the oppressive rule of a fearsome dragon, likely a TITAN bioengineering experiment in legendary creatures, and that the beast is currently in possession of the blue box they seek. If they ever want to return home, they’ll have to journey to the dragon’s mountaintop lair on the planet’s searing daylit side and slay the creature without getting barbecued. Can they pull it off?

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – Stray Thoughts

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  • Chados

    Space Dungeons and Space Dragons? Shouldn’t the kobolds have been 1.5′ tall if the villagers(default “humans”) were 3′ tall, and blue(Eiffel65 song starts playing in background)? I MEAN PURPLE. That was a pretty good gatecrashing sidetrek.

    Man, I love Ed, but in this episode he was really reaching to get Bull more advantage on everything. 🙂 BS was a great one-liner term, as was… Far. Combat. Melee.

    More stray thoughts starting to settle in. Great stuff, guys.

    • Yep, Space Dungeons and Space Dragons. I’ve been watching Critical Role every week now, and I really wanted to work some fantasy elements in. And gatecrashing seemed like the most logical way to do it.

  • Robert P.

    I’ve been waiting to hear more about the Pandora Gates, and this AP is exactly what I needed. The space between spaces seems like plenty of fun! Also, if we’re gonna take away one lesson from this, it’s that bad luck may not be worth it.

  • [insert quest here]

    Wait? Razzback? isn’t…isn’t that from our verdant mountains campaign?

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