Jul 272016

After their aerostat invasion during the last session, the Stray Thoughts team retreats to recuperate and plan their next move. However, Armand LeFleur is not the type to forgive and forget, and they soon find themselves the victims of a hired bombing. In the aftermath of the explosion, LeFleur’s goons abscond with Stardust, leaving the team to fend for themselves. With Stardust missing, Damien severely wounded and 3lizab3th reeling from her first experience with flesh pain, the team will have to mount a rescue operation before Stardust ends up as another of her father’s brainwashed forknapped slaves. Can they get to her in time?

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    Given how often they need to replace weapons, I would buy blueprints.

    Other blueprints I would buy for this group are:
    ● Medichines (Low>Moderate)
    ● Spare (Moderate > High) (handy to have a few for emergencies or interrogation. Other morphs of the same cost include Griefers and Cases)
    ● Ghostrider Module (Low > Moderate)
    ● T-Ray Emitter (Low > Moderate)
    ● Skin Pocket (Trivial > Low)
    ● Enhanced Hearing/Smell/Vision (Low > Moderate)
    ● Eelware (Low > Moderate)
    ● Possum Cache (cut off everyone’s head in emergencies]

    …reading the recognition guide I am now imagining Petunia sleeved in a critter or hypergibbon morph designed to look like her current body. Then give her a Ghostrider module in case someone needs to sneak in as a infomorph…and in last resort take her over with puppet sock.

    • I’m pretty positive you don’t need blueprints for implants. They’re stored as part of the data in your cortical stack/ego. That way, if they have to rebuild your body in the event of death, you have all the things you had at your last backup. Blueprints are better for physical gear (like guns) that can be lost and/or destroyed. But that’s a good idea.

  • Chados

    Yeah, I don’t think the characters have used a Maker or blueprints for those in this campaign so far.

    Download some freeware Plasma Rifle plans off the ‘net, and you’re golden! Heh.

  • Yoddel

    In between all the increasingly questionable math puns you guys were at a back alley doctor, with one character missing an arm and another missing a leg, discussing price.
    Despite this obvious set up, there was not a single “it’ll cost you an arm and a leg”.
    *gives Alex stern look*

    • There was a lot going on and I had to keep track of stuff and….
      You’re right. There’s no excuse. I’m sorry.

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