Aug 102016

This week, the Stray Thoughts team heads to Hollywoodland, a high-priced amusement park in Lunar orbit where nostalgic hyperelites can meet and solicit sex from dead celebrities. Strapper’s former contact, a Firewall operative known as Omen, is using the park as cover, and is currently sleeved into an Elvis Presley legacy morph somewhere inside. She was the last person to have possession of Strapper’s seed, the amputated parts of his code that could turn him into a recursively self-improving AI if re-integrated with his current instance. Can the ex-Sentinels locate Omen in a tourist trap for the undying rich? Listen to find out!

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  • darthrex354

    I was thinking that Elizabeth should be more interested in Von Braun than Oppenheimer and then he fucking showed up. Strapper almost getting cucked by Warner Von Braun had me laughing out loud.

    • For the record, jealousy is a petty character flaw that’s beneath Strapper, even in his attenuated instance. 3lizab3th is her own woman, and she can choose to stimulate her flesh with whomever she sees fit.

      Off the record, if Strapper ever merges with his seed and becomes a machine god, there’s probably going to be a context-extrapolated personality of Wernher von Braun in a simulated living hell running on one of his servers.

  • Slowly Melting Snowman

    Did someone say “Wernher von Braun” when Tom Lehrer was sitting here, in this mostly forgotten corner of Hollywoodland? Perk up your audio receiving channels good transhuman people, I think he’s about to say something:

    Best episode yet of this campaign. Precisely the right amount of silly to last me through some boring work.

    (Alternative titles: “Fangirlin’ Oppenheimer” or “Love & Rocket Autographs”.)

    • Mark Hedden

      As someone who grew up listening to Tom Lehrer (my mother had to warn me not to sing the lyrics to”Smut” [which I really didn’t understand at the time; really, my personal coming-of-age story can be considered in terms of ‘how many Tom Lehrer lyrics do I understand”. my favorite line of his remains “As someone once remarked to Schubert/Take us to your Leider.”] in front of my friends’ parents), I also had that go through my head listening to the episode! “‘Once ze rockets go up, who cares vere zey come down/Zat’s not my department’ says Wernher von Braun.”

      Also, I am able to brag that I have an aunt who baby-sat for von Braun back in the early ’60s. I’ll have to ask her if your portrayal of the morally ambiguous Doctor is accurate or not. =D

  • Web

    Just started listening and was wondering what the firewalls on Smart Fabric are like. Just imagining hacking it. Smart Vac Suits disolving in Space, smart clothes turning hot pink… and so on.

    • Ha, I’ll have to remember that one next time Strapper wants to mess with somebody!

      I think you would have to hack your target’s Personal Area Network (PAN) in order to pull off a trick like that, so it would depend on the software they had and the effectiveness of their muse. Every device in and around an EP character’s body that belongs to them is slaved to their PAN, so you’d be working against the person’s muse, which is actively monitoring for just that type of intrusion, not the smart clothing itself.

      • Web

        Makes sense. However, with skin link or being close enough you might be able to brute force it.
        Some hacks that I just thought of…
        ● Strapper: cause the smart fabric to strap itself around nearby objects and/or limbs
        ● Laces: Cause the smart fabric to create stands underneath the feet of the target
        ● Mittens: Fuse the fingers of gloves together, restricting manual dexterity. Good luck having a trigger finger.
        ● NuClothes: Cause the smart fabric to go translucent
        ● OlClothes: Removes all customization from the clothes turning them to factory settings
        ● Dreamcoat: It was red and yellow and green and brown, And scarlet and black….basically makes the clothes shift through colors rapidly.
        ● Flasher: Causes the fabric to glow brightly, optionally blinking
        ● Patches: Causes the smart fabric to unwind
        ● Wedgie: An uplifting experience
        ● Corset: The clothes become uncomfortably tight restricting movement
        ● Noose: The clothes become dangerously tight, specifically around the chest and neck.
        ● Hoodie: The smart fabric covers the eyes
        ● Sharkskin: Inside The fabric starts to catch on the skin roughly, cutting it up. Outside it increases grip.
        ● Snakeskin: The fabric becomes oily and smooth, reducing traction.
        ● Needles: The fabric actively attacks the wearer, jabbing spikes into the skin. On the outside, could possibly make unarmed attacks more dangerous by putting sharp spikes at the end of them.

  • Chados


    That was great! More “date” goodness between Strapper(Bitman), and 3lizab3th! Hah, that is funny- Santiago being a Lost project member, and it never coming into play. Also, his psychic powers.

    Will/Fitz had a great point- Strapper being the personality/soul of the Bitman entity- joining back with it might mean *who he is* would be subsumed. Great psychological moment.

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