Jul 202016

The Stray Thoughts team faces down its toughest challenge yet: the LeFleur family! When Bull learns that her forknapping father Armand has taken up residence on Venus in his own private aerostat, she convinces the team to accompany her on the revenge mission she’s been dying to undertake. The team decides to infiltrate by exploiting Esmeralda’s friendship with Tiffany Prime, and expose Armand’s crimes once and for all. However, it soon becomes clear that Armand and his daughter may be more prepared for a visit from Bull than any of them could have predicted. Can the team help Bull avenge her lost childhood, find a new identity, and finally move on from the devastating trauma that turned her into a murder machine? Find out, this week on Stray Thoughts!

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  • Chados

    You want Nova-fuck-crabs? We got Nova-fuck-crabs! BOOM!

  • Chados

    Finished the episode: I guess that’s one way to deal with a min-maxed combat monster. 😮

  • Web

    For Tiffany’s armor, I would of had a smart material generator implanted into it.
    In short, buying a smart manipulator and adding chameleon skin to the armor. The Smart Manipulator (10k) would give wings/cape/bonus arms (based on COO)…plus you could program it to bling out your armor (or turn into spikes). Chameleon skin would allows for coloring of it.

    My next character will be a smart material/engineer swarm expert octomorph. Using it for fashion, art, architecture, etc. Even subverting smart material on enemies in order to ruin self healing armor. Even weaponizing it with a sprayer (Exotic Weapon Smart Matter).

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