Aug 242016

The boys are back! And this time, they’re joined by their cousins from down south: Gumbo, Po’ Boy and Remy.

The motherfuckin’ Crab Goddess has another fuckin’ job that needs doing, and these are the motherfuckin’ crabs for the motherfuckin’ job. They will travel from the motherfuckin’ Crab City all the way to the shores of Connecti-CUT to do the motherfuckin’ Crab Goddess’s bidding. And they’ll fuckin’ deal with motherfuckin’ lobsters, bandits and more along the way.

Will Marge’s Boy’s be able to fulfill the motherfuckin’ orders of the Crab Goddess? Or are they going to get roasted in their shells trying? If you want to find out, then fuckin’ listen.

  • James Tate


  • Mark Hedden

    Good lord, a second session of BMCT? And talk of Will running even more?? Sounds like Rag-Nerd-Rok has a serious case of the crabs!

  • [insert quest here]

    How much do I have to pledge to get the Rag-NERD-rok: After Dark podcast? I will it be weekly or monthly? will it just be about sea creatures fucking or will you also discuss land creature fucking?

  • Chados

    I was excited! Man, shout-out during Will’s first GM’ed game? Awesome.

    Shit, the things you learn about sea creature fucking in RNR BMCT games.

    That game was hilarious, got real dark, and then hilarious again! I would also listen to more Will-run BMCT games.

    • Awesome to hear chados. There is definitely more bmfct’s on the way. Got a few ideas for the third shipment. And trust me, with this group of gentleman…we will definitely hear more about sea creature sex lives.

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