Aug 172016
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In order to retrieve Strapper’s seed from The Godfather, the cosa nostra persona of the man who runs Hollywoodland, the Stray Thoughts team will need careful planning, good tactics, and no small amount of luck. Unfortunately for them, Santiago’s creche-mate Contagion is also at large, and his Watts-McLeod infection has progressed into its next terrifying phase. When Damien and Esmeralda attempt to use the rogue Lost async as part of the plan to cause a distraction, things go disastrously wrong, and 3lizab3th decides to call in a bomb threat to keep station security busy. Now, the ex-Sentinels will have to push forward with their heist plans with the entire theme park in a panic and a frightening psionic monstrosity on their tails. Can they steal Strapper’s seed and escape Hollywoodland alive?

<– Previous Episode: “Rebel Without A Case”
–> Next Episode: “The Past Knocks with a Battering Ram”

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