Feb 142018

This week, the boys are back! The Crab Goddess needs some drums trucked across state lines, and she knows she can count on Marge’s Boys to get the job done. Except this time, they’re trucking their goods in their new rig, Big Boytha, and they’ve got the law hot on their shells. Can they get the goods and get back before their new gunner, a shifty hermit crab named Dirty Lyle who totally isn’t a cop, gets them all killed or arrested? These crab truckers are going to need every trick Boytha has, because it’s going to be a long, hard ride down from Crab Mountain.

Aug 242016

The boys are back! And this time, they’re joined by their cousins from down south: Gumbo, Po’ Boy and Remy.

The motherfuckin’ Crab Goddess has another fuckin’ job that needs doing, and these are the motherfuckin’ crabs for the motherfuckin’ job. They will travel from the motherfuckin’ Crab City all the way to the shores of Connecti-CUT to do the motherfuckin’ Crab Goddess’s bidding. And they’ll fuckin’ deal with motherfuckin’ lobsters, bandits and more along the way.

Will Marge’s Boy’s be able to fulfill the motherfuckin’ orders of the Crab Goddess? Or are they going to get roasted in their shells trying? If you want to find out, then fuckin’ listen.

May 042016

This is the story of three brothers—three big mutherfuckin’ crab trucker brothers, that is. When the great Crab Goddess deigns to give these unworthy assholes a mission, they hop in Large Marge, their big mutherfuckin’ truck, and hit the rickety mutherfuckin’ road. They’ve been charged with the holy mutherfuckin’ quest of hauling a metric assload of acorns across state lines, for purposes so ineffable and mutherfuckin’ divine that three pathetic, soft-shelled mutherfuckin’ mortals dare not question them. Their path is beset by all sorts of pains in the mutherfuckin’ ass, like lobster raiders, impotence and mutherfuckin’ crab depression, and even the most horrifying thing of all, humans. Can this crew of crab truckers bring the acorns home for their goddess? Will they make the run in time? Can they find a back alley surgeon who will sew a lobster’s penis onto a castrated crab? Listen up, mutherfuckers, and find out!

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