Sep 282016

We’re back with the epic conclusion to Gotterdamien! Stray Thoughts team member Damien Carmello is set to face off against his fork, Damien Gorello, in a no-holds-barred deathmatch for control of Legba. In order to further stack the odds in C’s favor, Stardust issues her own challenge, making the fight a three-way battle. The only snag about this arrangement is that, by the rules of the combat, only one person can walk out of the ring alive. With the rest of the team serving as support, Damien and Stardust enter the arena, but can they defeat G’s combat-maximized neo-porcine? And even if they do, which one of them will claim final ownership of the slaver’s sanctuary? Find out, this week on Stray Thoughts!

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  • Chados

    Gotterdammit, Ed.

    What is Bull’s- er.. *Stardust’s* Armor rating? Seems like you should be able to get to around 17-20 somewhere(or the low 20’s) without getting stacking penalties. Heavy Bioweave + Second/Smart Skin + Heavy Combat Armor?

    Seems like when you’ve got a tank like that, more enemies should be shooting with called shots, or full auto for damage.

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