Oct 262016
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We’re back with more Stray Thoughts! Before they transmit themselves to the terrifying alien vessel hurtling toward the solar system, the former Sentinels of the Stray Thoughts team decide to stop off at 3lizab3thtown, a purely virtual colony established as a safe haven by and for 3lizab3th’s forks. At first, all seems to be well; the other 3lizab3ths are eager to meet our instance’s friends and learn about her¬†adventures. However, it soon becomes clear that years of persecution have made the AIs inhabiting 3lizab3thtown deeply mistrustful of organic transhuman life, and that one of their number has taken steps to eliminate the problem once and for all. With time running out, the team will have to escape from a partitioned hellscape where dissenting 3lizab3ths have been imprisoned and stop the colony’s new leader before she eradicates transhuman civilization at a stroke. Join us for an action-packed Eclipse Phase family reunion, this week on Rag-NERD-rok!

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