Nov 162016

After nineteen episodes of nail-biting, slumber-partying goodness, the Stray Thoughts campaign comes to an end! With Proxy Steel’s alien-corrupting virus defeated, the gang must decide what is to be done with the errant superintelligence and his pawns. With Sparkle’s help, they farcast back to the system to a ship poised to raid Steel’s asteroid base. Will Steel go quietly? Will the alien AI be true to its word? What does fate have in store for the Stray Thoughts team? Listen in to the final episode of the campaign to find out, and be sure to tell us what you thought in the comments!

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  • Chados

    Really, which *is* worse for an entity in the digital transhuman world? Keep them in cold storage forever, or destroy their last copy…? /Keanu “Whoa”.

    That was a good finale. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment, guys! And, stop saying Strapper’s Seed.

    Also, like you guys said: Will is awesome. I can’t believe how many times Fitz lost his skin!

    ‘Til the next EP campaign!

  • Yoddel

    I liked how this campaign touched on some of the things that EP doesn’t have clear answers to, like SETI and what happens when the Fall is far in the past. This finale made me feel that feeling of resolution that, for instance, Know Evil very actively avoided.
    It also didn’t feel like a massive in character fuck-up like the Promethean Chronicles, no offense meant to @AlexRNR.
    As was pointed out on an earlier episode, there are some loose threads, but thanks to that the overall theme wasn’t “we’re all fucked anyway” but rather more uplifting (pun intended) it gives the impression that the characters will figure it out.

    Also, you guys never fail to bring the comedy into ostensibly horror games. I’m glad.
    See you around, and thanks for the many brightened hours of listening!

  • Robert P.

    Loved the whole campaign! My favorite line was “You have to go in naked” “Yeah I’ll go in naked, in a fenrir!”
    Also I disagree with Chados, keep saying strapper’s seed, it makes me giggle everytime.

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