Nov 232016

It was supposed to be an ordinary suburban get-together, just a few friends and neighbors sharing some lunch and one another’s company. When the guests arrived, however, they found their host curiously absent, his mail piling up and his computer’s hard drive somehow wiped of all information. Does his disappearance have something to do with the collection of AM radios that he keeps tuned to obscure frequencies where droning voices repeat lists of numbers? Has he fallen victim to some terrible internet conspiracy based around the offbeat subreddits he follows? And why on Earth did he order so much hiking equipment? This group of friends and neighbors sets out to learn the truth, and gets much more than they bargained for in the process.

  • [insert quest here]

    The ending of this gave me an idea…what if the number stations have been around longer than humans have had radios?

    Ancient Chinese explorers stumbling across a strange spider web tower of steel in north Australia. Medieval crusaders driving the demons out of the hell shrine, the iron tower of babel, a blasphemous structure trying to pierce the heavens, tainting all the lands around it. Migration period Polynesians thinking they’ve found a great new home only to find a strange build of shaped stone, impossibly thing bits of earth, unbreakable, incomprehensible.

    • I was thinking this, but part of the thing with the Yithians is that they need to use things that exist in the time periods they go to. So having radios towers in the middle ages probably wouldn’t help, since they wouldn’t be able to get any electrical components to build receivers.

      • [insert quest here]

        Oh well, I’ll make some other time traveling god aliens then 😛

  • larkwake

    I had forgotten you boys’ capacity for turning 45 minutes of investigation into three hours of in character bickering! you’re lucky you’re hilarious

    • Honestly, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason none of us have choked each other out yet. I came damn close that time they spent 20 minutes debating in-character whether the group should walk or rent bicycles.

      Veeeeery close…

      • lark wake

        oh man in the Demon game wasn’t it that remains one of my favorite stupid conversations of all time

  • Chados

    I always love the CoC games you guys run. I’ll avoid discussing the Critical rules(EP rules are way easier to remember), or insanity rules. 😉

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