Feb 082017

Because you can’t use the eff word on iTunes! A group of wandering adventurers (and their extended families, who are following close behind and could be ready to join the quest at a moment’s notice) wander into a village where some of the local children have gone missing. Being the helpful sort, or perhaps just sensing the possibility of a reward, they set off to investigate some mysterious ruins not too far away, where the villagers believe that nefarious cultists practice unspeakable rites. What is actually in the maze-like hidden dungeon?

Traps. Lots and lots of traps.

Can these brave heroes (and their progressively more foolhardy relatives) escape with their lives? Will they ever find the missing children? And what does the mysterious sentient penis have to do with any of it? Listen to find out!

  • ErikRNR

    Greatest cold open ever.

    • Chados

      It’s almost as good as Will’s performance in “Union Rat”.

  • Slowly Melting Snowman

    Well, that was… ahem… thoroughgoingly ridiculous. Except for the new voices*, because those were all awesome.

    *or however we should refer to the non-standard RNR podcast cast in this case.

    • We love it when Chuck and Rebecca come to visit, but they live in New Jersey, so we don’t get to see them nearly often enough. And Allyson tolerates tabletop RPGs only in small doses. We recorded a three-shot of Inverse World a while back where she rage-quit at the end. Dunno when / if we’ll get around to posting that.

      • Unit Omega

        Do eeeet

  • Chados

    Wow, I was about to say the system was bad(it kind of is), and that I didn’t like the “death funnel” adventures/systems, but you guys turned me around about mid-way through.

    For a one shot, the system is fine, and without listing spoilers- the way the last half hour of the adventure played out was “frickin’ amazing!”

    • So many random tables!

      But yeah. I bought Quelong for LotFP because Kenneth Hite is incredible, and it’s hard to imagine having a character survive long enough to accomplish anything in the setting. I think that’s the “old school” style of gaming in action. It’s “fuck you and your whole family” levels of deadliness.

      Fuck for Satan! especially so.

  • Yoddel

    I feel like about half-way through I was getting to the stage of confusedly smiling politely. I was generally unsure if low or high was good on the dice, but it was inspiring. Kinda spoilery, but the main inspiration was on a “I guess I could be more mean with my players when I GM and still not be this evil” level. Man, I wanna design a death funnel now, gotta get on that.
    Anyway, I had fun!

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