Feb 152017

The Fate’s Fools gang sets out to reach Hell’s Yellow Heights, the underground realm of the Valkonian dwarves! However, in order to reach it from the Deep Elf swamp, they will have to traverse the nasty, enchanted mycotoxic barrier separating the two realms. Along the way, they decide to stop and party with a group of druids who have traveled to the subterranean caverns in order to attune themselves to the world’s desolate places, and take lots of drugs. Fen earns some coin by selling the meditation circle a bagful of ‘shrooms, T’mek finds himself babysitting Piotr and Walter, and Baldwin catches the attention of an amorous orc hottie. Soon after, they reach the barrier, a membrane-thin fungal wall that releases a potent magical spore cloud. Anyone exposed to it hallucinates themselves into another dimension, a pocket universe adjacent to dream and death. Can Walter, T’mek, Fenfaril, Baldwin, Eebmox and Tanjaya survive the psychotropic dungeon? Listen to find out!

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  • Mark Hedden

    If you go into the caves today, you’re in for a big surprise.
    If you go into the caves today, you’d better not go with these guys.

    For every bear that a druid was
    Has gathered there together because
    Today’s the day the hippie bears have their picnic.

  • Chados

    Yeah, that was definitely a bad trip. Flesh walls. Fart Cave. 😀

    • The fart cave is the shameful nadir of my GMing career.

      • Chados

        The best(?) part was Walter & Fen trying to talk through the opening/closing sphincter as Ryan made appropriate noises. *tpphhbbtttt*

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