Feb 012017
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What do the capricious forces of Destiny have in store for our “heroes” this week? While following the instructions of his nameless god, Piotr meets the oldest elf in all the worlds on another plane of reality, and receives a dangerous (and possibly useful?) gift. Meanwhile, Walter offers his services as a wing-man to Fenfaril, who is crushing hard on Tanjaya the deep elf hottie, and T’mek sweet-talks some coins out of the drow war band escorting them to the source of liquid lightning. However, every favor comes with a price, and every empty boast brings danger from unseen eavesdroppers. Can Fen win the heart of Tanjaya with greatly exaggerated tales of his nighty deeds? Will Piotr survive his vision quest? Can Walter and his friends defeat a terrifying swamp creature? And was Baldwin really hitting on Fen? Find out, in a brand-new installment of Fate’s Fools!

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