May 172017

There seems to be a veritable glut of Magical Fury games being posted lately, so here’s ours! The touring teen J-pop band 4W is about to play a big concert in their hometown, but first, they must survive a night at a seedy local hotel. One by one, the girls (and their middle-aged manager) are visited by a talking dove named Horatio, who offers each of them a coin and cryptic words of warning. When a demon manifests by the pool the next day, the girls (and their manager) spontaneously transform into a team of superpowered heroines in short skirts, and find themselves engaged in a battle to the death. Can the teens (and their manager) dispatch the demon in time for their show, or will their international tour come to an abrupt end before it even begins? Listen to find out!

  • Mark Hedden

    I really love Bob’s exasperated, “oh, God, what’s going wrong *now*, I’m too old for this shit” attitude.

    • I was saying to Ed earlier that Bob started off as kind of an uncomfortable father figure like Coach McGurk from Home Movies, but he ended up being a lot more Bob Belcher. Either way, he’s an H. Jon Benjamin character.

      He was a lot of fun to play.

  • Chados

    This was a pretty fun listen, except for the… *cough* “perving” In-character and out. 🙂

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