May 242017

The journey to reunite the pieces of the Cube of Subeqo continues, but not without its perils. The party will have to cross a peculiar river, find their way through a rather unhappy forest, climb a very tall mountain and finally convince some monks that they are worthy. And, along the way, they may have to rescue Ruby Gleam from a pretty bad date with a tree. Do the intrepid adventures have what it takes to overcome the obstacles in front of them and obtain the treasure they seek? Listen to find out!

  • Mark Hedden

    Some nitpicking: deciduous trees are the ones that lose their leaves in autumn, and so pines aren’t deciduous. Neither are most of our familiar conifers, although tamaracks, bald-cypresses, and dawn-redwoods are.

    • I messed up my trees? Damn. I trunked up.

      • Mark Hedden

        It wasn’t a big deal, and I’m sorry I needled you, but I felt compelled to spruce up your future podcasts by leafing that comment fir you. If I hadn’t, I would have been pining away thinking about it. Just remember the difference, and maple in the future I won’t have to make another post like this one. Because you wooden’t want another of these, right?

        • ErikRNR

          I like you.

        • Chados

          I thought I’d make up a punny reply to this- but instead, I’ll leaf it be.

  • Chados

    Really like all the characters (new + old) and story in this campaign. Keep it up!

    Also, I thought pressing “3” meant “more Erik”!

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