Aug 092017

In the final episode of our Inverse World mini-campaign, Seahawk and Crew discover a terrifying secret on the island of Ice Loch. While Mal and Crysis invade the home of the island’s ruling family atop the ice spire, Sidd explores the nearby village market and Clark heads back to the ship for no good reason. Will the fearsome foursome of the Solar Sailor accomplish their mission and free ice Loch from the stranglehold of the Starskgaards, or will they decide to cut their losses and get as far away as they possibly can? Listen to find out!

  • Vanilla Midget

    As a Steven myself, this session has revealed a lot – people have frequently asked me if my parents used to worship dark gods, but I never knew why! Now it feels like my youth was comparable to Kenny’s backstory in the South Park Cthulhu arc.

  • Chados

    Shit, I don’t know if I’ve ever been scared by one of my characters “level up” abilities like I was with Meyer’s “321”. 😮

    Kind of ran out of gas(figuratively) at the end, eh?

    • My wife got quite fed up with her misfit crew and their lack of progress. That’s why I held this one in the queue for so long–it just petered out at the end.

      The first two and a half sessions were fun, though. I love the Invells setting, and I’d gladly run it again if we weren’t still going with Fate’s Fools.

      • Chados

        Yay, more Fates Fools!

        • To be fair…i was never officially part of the crew lol

          • Chados

            They never gave Clark a chance!

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