Dec 062017

It seems like a simple job. Go to the home of a reclusive starlet out in The Loss. Find her safe and gain access. Put the marriage license inside on a drone that will take it back to the client.

But in the Loss, there’s no such thing as simple.

When a devious trap leads Watchdog to be exposed to The Blight, the team will have to close ranks and cover each other’s backs just in case he goes vector. Oh, and the job site has been exposed to the elements since The Crash, leaving the interiors a potential death trap of rotten floors. Will the takers clear enough bounty on this job to make their bills? Can they find the safe, retrieve the document and get out without ending up in the basement? Is Watchdog infected?

Listen to find out!

  • lark wake

    mmm red markets
    I hadn’t spotted the rules for letting a player run just a negotiator, that’s kinna interesting

    my favorite line in any red markets game continues to be when Caleb ran that same black math vs meek encounter and as the apologies started from the suicide blighter Caleb narrated one of the screams as “WE WERE WRONG”

    good stuff and even less shouting about being Meyer and whistling, always appreciated. btw I think I dropped my buck a month off Patreon from you guys over their bullshit new charging policy, will return when they hopefully cave to the pressure.

  • Chados

    Very fun with the “blight bomb” and the tension of wondering if Watchdog was going Vector!

    Some good discussions with the “twist” document at the end and wondering if the Missionaries would use it against the client. Not sure if keeping a copy was a good idea, or bad idea, yet.

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