Dec 132017

One of the keys to survival out in The Loss is community—being a part of an enclave and having access to the skills and support it provides. Not every enclave that sprang up since The Crash has survived, however. Outbreaks of hot Blight have turned many former bastions of civilization into festering casualty traps. This week, The Missionaries are hired by their enclave to retrieve the plans for an energy-efficient windmill from just such a place, but when they arrive, they discover that the area’s real problem is the living. Can they extract the plans without agitating the Shepherds who have started using the place as a pen for nearby casualties? Listen to find out!

  • Chados

    Well, it definitely did blow, for the Takers. 😉

    Honestly, sometimes failures make for the best stories. Case in point- this game. Shit, I think James had just as many crit successes as Meyer had failures. The failures are what usually make things interesting, though!

    Also, lol about Ryan’s brain fart. /laughs and points

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