Jan 032018

For the survivors eking out a living in the enclave of Bounty, the two most essential items are water and power. Without clean water to drink from the desalination plant, the enclave would not be able to exist. Without the electricity its solar panels supply to the local enclaves, it would have nothing to trade for food and other necessities. When a power line feeding Atlantis, the enclave that controls the region’s fresh water supply, is unexpectedly severed, the leader of Bounty turns to The Missionaries to make the repair. In addition, they’ll have to set things right with Poseidon, the King of Atlantis, who insists that the interruption merits a formal apology. All goes according to plan, until a desperate plea for help from one of Atlantis’ citizens presents the Taker crew with an ethical conundrum and threatens the survival of their home enclave.

  • lark wake

    you guys had such a good plan to let her go missing before you left and then you left before she’d been noticed missing! did I miss somethin?

    • If I remember correctly, we didn’t do that plan because none of the people in attendance had good social skills, so we didn’t trust our mechanical ability to lie effectively enough to stick around. Also, it was pushing one in the morning by that time, and I think we all just wanted to draw things to a close as quickly as possible. We could have saved ourselves a whole lot of hassle if we had split the session and invested a little more time in covering our tracks.

  • Chados

    I do love the moral choices that get made inside the economical zombie poverty simulator.

    Seems like no matter what the plan, you guys leaving Atlantis and her disappearing was going to be a little too coincidental.

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