Jan 102018

When a documentary filmmaker puts out a call for Takers to journey to a fallen enclave out in The Loss, The Missionaries answer! They’ll have to infiltrate Payton-Stokes Academy, a private high school designed during the paranoid days of bomb threats and active shooters, to get the footage the client wants. During The Crash, the school was an ideal spot to set up an enclave: good sight lines, tight security, backup power supply. However, because of the Romero Effect, the students and their families who took refuge there succumbed to a Vector outbreak, and the entire settlement collapsed. Whistler, Deacon and UNIX set off believing that they’re walking into an abattoir of roaming Casualties, but what they find at Payton-Stokes is far more disturbing. Can they wrap production on time and under budget, or will their simple shoot turn into a living nightmare?

  • lark wake

    somehow I get the feeling that if they’d taken the retrieval job for the old guy it mighta been called Roadshow’s Antiques

    waaait is the Johnson’s ubiq avatar an animated version of the RPPR logo is the Payton-Stokes Academy an in-universe continuation of the Hebanon Empire what is happeninggg–oh fan contribution that makes sense

    oh boy Gilman’s sad pepe spot, please don’t let those fucks survive until the apocalypse. blight might be the only way ever to get them to apologize, though, I guess.

    oh nooo Ledbetter Spared and the Spoiled why is so much of my brain filled with RPPR trivia

    I kind of hoped she’d have some message for the shitlord that would make him weep at his own nature

    good stuff!

  • james burns

    So why was Whistler , whistling the song from Watership Down, the cute ,but very violent movie about bunnies?

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