Dec 142023
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When three friends find themselves trapped inside the fictional world of the card game Dominion, they’ll have to play the game in order to escape. And that means–you guessed it–cranking out as much money as they possibly can and buying all the land they can get their grubby little hands on! Luckily, none of the people in the fictional world are real (or so they tell themselves), which means there’s no exploitative depths to which our…heroes…?…won’t sink if it means taking home the most Victory Points. Can they escape the game, or will they have to discard their futures to the trash? Listen to find out!

Sep 272012


There’s a stereotype of nerds being bad at sports. And for us here at Rag-NERD-rok, that’s mostly true. But if there’s one thing that nerds are great at, it’s games. And yet we still seem drawn to playing games that we just can’t win, no matter how hard we try. What’s up with that? Maybe we’re just a bunch of masochists. Those games that we just can’t win but love to play anyway are our topic for this episode. And after that, get ready for another thrilling episode of Dead of Winter. Seriously, it’s a good one.

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