May 152019
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This is it! It’s over! Our nightmare as finally come to an end!

In the last game of Ryan’s brief and simultaneously too-long Strange campaign, the group of unlikely heroes are joined by another compatriot (to help round out the party) and start to make their way to the rest of the Coder. 

Will she be able to help them remove the glitch that can allow people to rewrite The Strange? Will she even want to? And what kind of antics will the group get up to when they’re stuck on a boat for weeks?

Listen to find out!

May 082019
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A group of cybernetic vampires that run a country club are conspiring to assassinate President Reagan. It’s up to an unlikely group of monster hunters to put a stop to their nefarious plan.

Will a monster slayer, a cryptid hunter and an alien-obsessed technologist be able to put a stake in the vampires’ plans? Or will they end up as the main course in the country club’s Sunday brunch? Listen to find out!

May 012019
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The boys are back!

The group of completely professional world-savers has to finish the trials laid out before them. There’s only one left: The Red Room. And while there’s no backwards-talking people, it is still a deadly challenge. 

Will the team be able to complete the challenge and retrieve the key? And will they be able to resist the temptation of becoming gods in order to save the multiverse? Listen to find out!

Apr 242019
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This week, we have a special alpha test of a new game that Alex is creating. 

Four astronauts are the first humans to ever set foot on Mars. They are the best of the best, but there are challenges to face. They’ll have to deal with equipment failure, an incredibly hostile environment and the issues that arise between them if they want to complete their mission and get off the Red Planet alive. 

“Longshot” is a cooperative storytelling game about overcoming those obstacles and successfully carrying out the mission. We hope you enjoy it!

Also, this episode was mixed and edited by Alex (instead of Ryan, like usual). So if there’s a problem with the audio, blame Erik! But also let us know.

(Editor’s note: Alex here. I came up with the name “Longshot” after the recording, which is why I talk about having to name it in the episode. Don’t get confused!)

Apr 032019
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A group has been assembled. A very special group. Some may say they are the strongest and most talented group every assembled. 

Those people would be wrong.

A group of Rag-NERD-Rok characters have all found their way to Earth, navigating the various networks of The Strange. They now work for the Estate, and are sent on a mission none of them could ever expect. 

Can Ruby Gleam, Pizzdipple the Buoyant, Antonio Ravioli, Weyland Brown and Amy the gorilla find a way to work together? Or will their first mission together be absolute chaos?

You probably already know the answer.