Feb 192020
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In the perfect world run by Lord Omnipitor, everything is perfect. Nobody wants for anything. There are no mutants living in caves outside of the city, and there is definitely not a serial killer on the loose. 

But there are those who think there may be problems in Lord Omnipitor’s city. They are housed in a re-education camp, where they toil away until they learn the error of their ways. 

How will the prison warden, his robot assistant, a mutant and an exterior designer survive in this twisted, but perfect world? Who knows? But it’s going to be a fiasco.

Feb 122020
Dueling Gods Path Art

The group follows up on the leads they got from the (good?) doctor and head out of town to find those who stand against the City of Gloom. But once they’re there, the group finds more than they bargained for.

Will they be able to overcome this latest trial? And who is financing the sabotage of the city? Listen to find out!

Feb 052020
Amerinomicon Art

Transported to the Dreamlands, the group has to try to make their way through a strange and alien city to recover the dream rocks they need. 

But such rare items are not easily come by, and outsiders can make quite a splash in a city like this.

Will our heroes be able to find what they need? Or will they become lost to the perils of the Dreamlands? Listen to find out!

Jan 292020
Dueling Gods Path Art

This week, the crew makes it to the City of gloom — an industrial hub shrouded by smog. The leader of this city has a unique problem he needs help with. His people are…too happy and polite.

Determined to rectify the situation, the crew makes their way to the outskirts of town, where they meet a strange scientist who may have answers.

What’s wrong in town? What does the scientist know? Listen to find out!

Jan 222020
Amerinomicon Art

As they travel across the country, the group has been hounded in their dreams. Lt. Elbert shows up unexpectedly, robbing them of their peace and rest.

But now, they may have a way to stop him. It’s possible to create charms that will block their dreams from being invaded.

Nothing comes easy, though, and the group will have to make a perilous journey in order to acquire a key ingredient. 

Will their mission succeed? Or will they be plagued by nightmares forever? Listen to find out!