May 032017
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This week, Meyer ran a session of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire for Star Wars Day! Deep beneath the surface of Kessel, imperial prisoners from across the galaxy toil endlessly in the mines, harvesting and processing the main ingredient for a drug called Glitterstim. Six inmates—a rebel pilot, his mechanic, a pair of mass murdering Sullustans, a Defel spy, and a Twi’lek soldier-for-hire—bide their time and wait for their opportunity to escape. When an injury in the mines presents an opportunity to escape via a compromised doctor droid, the prisoners elect to make their big break. Can they escape from The Empire’s most feared prison colony? Find out, in this week’s episode of Rag-NERD-rok!

Sep 272012

There’s a stereotype of nerds being bad at sports. And for us here at Rag-NERD-rok, that’s mostly true. But if there’s one thing that nerds are great at, it’s games. And yet we still seem drawn to playing games that we just can’t win, no matter how hard we try. What’s up with that? Maybe we’re just a bunch of masochists. Those games that we just can’t win but love to play anyway are our topic for this episode. And after that, get ready for another thrilling episode of Dead of Winter. Seriously, it’s a good one.

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