May 232018

This week, the Fate’s Fools gang sets off for the mountain city of Mormut, home to the world-famous Mormut College of Magic and Boat-smithing! However, the party parts ways at the town gate when the city guard takes exception to their menagerie of “pets.” In retaliation, Walter and T’Mek decide to stalk the commander of the city guard and ruin his life. After meeting a professor in the market, Fen attempts to pass the MCOMB wizarding finals and finally earn his degree. Piotr heads for the skydocks, where he attempts to recruit an airship pilot to take the party to the Shifting Savannah. Will Fen graduate as a full wizard? Can Piotr do better than the man responsible for the worst airship disaster in known history? Will the commander of the city guard take exception to Walter and T’Mek trying to get his spouses to divorce him? Listen to find out!

May 092018

After a (short) battle with the terrible dragon, the adventurers decide to take advantage of the spoils they’ve earned and spend some quality time in the dwarven city of Valkonia.

While Fen takes in the hospitality of the King, Walter and T’Mek decide to take in the town some more and spend the night at a wonderful inn.

But a nasty apocalypse will test the bonds of friendship forged between the party and their dwarven hosts. Will the adventurers be able to do what it takes to save the city? And will Walter and T’Mek be able to finish their breakfast? Listen to find out!

May 022018
A detailed drawing of a goat's head with the words, "Gota Lief" written beneath it.

What’s this? Could it be? It is! More Fate’s Fools!

In this week’s episode, the four brave adventurers enter the dwarven city of Valkonia. They take in the local color and visit some of the sights. And it’s all very boring and nothing happens. It’s not like these guys have a prior history of bad luck with cities!

Oh, there MAY be a dragon. But it’s sometimes very difficult to keep track of these things.

Feb 222017

The Fate’s Fools gang is still trapped in the hallucinatory mycotic dungeon, the gauntlet of disconcerting spaces they must run in order to reach Hell’s Yellow Heights. After a mishap separates the group, Piotr finds himself wandering through a physical manifestation of Walter’s mind, unearthing repressed childhood traumas. In order to escape Walter’s vengeance, Piotr will need to go deeper, to the vast beet fields of Walter’s subconscious, where the seed of an idea might be planted. Once it takes root, however, Piotr’s subliminal suggestion grows beyond his intentions, and provokes a revelation that could turn Walter from his holy quest to call Destiny an asshole. Can the group help their paladin companion through his crisis of faith and find the dungeon’s exit? Find out, on this week’s episode of Fate’s Fools!

Feb 152017

The Fate’s Fools gang sets out to reach Hell’s Yellow Heights, the underground realm of the Valkonian dwarves! However, in order to reach it from the Deep Elf swamp, they will have to traverse the nasty, enchanted mycotoxic barrier separating the two realms. Along the way, they decide to stop and party with a group of druids who have traveled to the subterranean caverns in order to attune themselves to the world’s desolate places, and take lots of drugs. Fen earns some coin by selling the meditation circle a bagful of ‘shrooms, T’mek finds himself babysitting Piotr and Walter, and Baldwin catches the attention of an amorous orc hottie. Soon after, they reach the barrier, a membrane-thin fungal wall that releases a potent magical spore cloud. Anyone exposed to it hallucinates themselves into another dimension, a pocket universe adjacent to dream and death. Can Walter, T’mek, Fenfaril, Baldwin, Eebmox and Tanjaya survive the psychotropic dungeon? Listen to find out!

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