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Burned out of Firewall, on the run from the Planetary Consortium, our team of former Sentinels must act quickly to make some fast cred and acquire fake ego IDs. They decide to contact Gavin’s criminal associate Abebe on Mars, who sends them to the Nine Lives stronghold Legba in the Main Belt, a place where ego slavers exchange minds like currency. If they can liberate the stack of Abebe’s long-lost wife from a pair of violent Lost nutcases, he’ll give them the money and identities they need to infiltrate the inner system and strike back at the Prometheus Syndicate. Will they be able to get the job done, or will they find themselves on the wrong end of the soul trade? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • I was totally spacing out during this awesome combat of yours, gotta listen to it again. Don’t remember what I made the previous comment on. My favorite EP combat I can remember from you guys was the one where Lucas (I think?) got his arm blown off and was hilariously useless.

    • I think that was in the last part of the “You Can’t Go Home” arc, when we had our battle with the forks of Blake Diaz in the bowels of abandoned New Mumbai. I remember getting grievously wounded and failing my SOMx3 check to stay conscious.

      That was not a good day for Lucas.

      • Omega

        It was Roland, actually. Blew your arm clean off with a plasma blast. Then you looked at the stump and passed out from shock.

        Y’know, just further adding to Lucas’ frustration with Gavin and Amir for being useless in the face of the Exsurgent monstrosity(s).

        (And since I’m already making this comment here, want to go ahead and give you kudos, Ryan for your performance in that scene. The choked out “sitrep!” was amazing)

        • RyGuy

          Ahhh, yes. That’s right. Amir, Gavin and Lucas went ahead to fight Roland while Elis stayed behind to get the power on, and ended up saving us from getting ambushed by the forks. We were a little understaffed that day because Chris, Derek and Ed couldn’t make the game.

          Glad you enjoyed my role playing. Lucas is a fun character to play, even when he’s not murdering everything he sees.

  • I thought this was a very well structured episode, those poor brothers didn’t stand a chance, hell wait they were the same person, anyway anything you do to a nine lives can be justified. “well, they are Nine Lives”.
    the Dm could have made more of their psy powers though. maybe a bit of mind control or they could have touched done a brain scan and figured out the plan.
    every one back in their own bodies, luxury.

    • Alex

      Glad you liked it! And you’re right, I should have done more with their psi powers. But it was the first time I made characters with them and I forgot about them a bit. I forget what psi sleights I picked for them. I think their powers were more combat and offense oriented. I really wasn’t expecting the group to be so…coordinated. It’s never really happened before.

  • Chados

    Still working through The Promethean Chronicles. Kolani and Konani (sp?) could have lasted a little longer, I kinda liked them(as psychopath NPCs).

    This time it was Ed with the character who doesn’t feel like participating in the combat!(though he was able to be useful afterwards) “My character wouldn’t do that..” is not a good excuse, IMO, when everyone else was putting their Egos on the line. Ah well. Ed. WTF, Ed. 😉

    • I think you got the spelling right. And I would have liked them to last a little longer, too. But the guys had a good plan going into this one and rolled pretty well for it. I’ll have to remember to make my enemies a lot tougher in the next EP campaign I run.

      • Chados

        Sorry, guys. 😉

        Yeah, I like it when every once in ahile the players have a good plan, and just roll the enemies. Sometimes I do like to see a good, tough fight.

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