Aug 212013

Armed with false identities, new backups and a little cred, our former team of Firewall Sentinels sets out to unravel the conspiracy-within-the-conspiracy known as the Prometheus Syndicate! Using what they learned during their harrowing journey to the TITAN city of Tartarus, they’ll have to track down Charlemagne and his three lieutenants–Sherman, Seldon, and Hyperion. Their investigation takes them to the domed city of Noctis-Quinjiao on Mars. Can our heroes find the information they need and get out without being discovered? Listen to find out!

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  • OH BOY!

    We all know what kind of fun times happen on Mars!

    Is there another important structure that needs destruction?

    • I stayed behind on the shuttle to make sure there’d be no accidental nuclear detonations.

  • the being mean to Will stuff feels a little douchey sometimes but then sometimes he says things that make me stop and stare I dunno

    initiating fanfiction re: absent players being busy fuckin

    • It’s a bit douchey, yes. But I must say that there are few people I love as much as Will, so it’s all done out of affection, and fascination. Also, he is a really good sport about it. Most of the time.

  • Where did the “God Presses Y” thing come from?

    • That’s something we picked up from a friend who used to GM for us all the time in high school. It’s an allusion to Final Fantasy VI, where you press Y to switch between parties. We use it as sort of an in-joke whenever the players split up and the GM needs to transition between scenes featuring two different groups.

  • Dave S (Certified)

    Hyperion is also a book by Dan Simmons which has a number of concepts that Eclipse Phase barrows from, including a no longer inhabitable earth.

    • Alex gave me the first two books in that series for Christmas a few years before we recorded this!

      • Dave S (Certified)

        I’ve only read the first two books myself but I remember looking at Eclipse Phase and going, hay, wait a second…

    • The Hyperion Cantos are wonderful. But I actually named this guy from a stanza in the actual poem, not the book.

      • Dave S (Certified)

        While the reference is to the poem it still made me smile just putting the three together.

  • Chados

    Wow, I was surprised when the mathematician(Seldon?) jumped off the 5th story landing… and then Elise(Hypoxy) jumps off after her. Wow, that could have gone badly. More badly.

    Sheesh, she was kinda scary while instantiated in Simulspace.

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