Aug 142013

In the conclusion to “Dolltown,” our crew of Investigators must deal with the terrifying supernatural threat they’ve uncovered in Arbortown, Vermont: a curse that has plagued the community for hundreds of years, and has claimed the lives of at least four residents. They’ll need the assistance of a newcomer, a tough-as-nails biker called in by their contact’s father, to help them perform the necessary rites to cleanse the town of this evil presence. Can they survive the final confrontation with the dryads that have been slowly replacing the town’s women, or will their efforts to seek closure for the citizens of Arbortown go up in flames? Listen to find out!

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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  • Omega

    Y’know, some thoughts occurred to me while giving this one a relisten. I do like Ed’s CoC games, and want to hear more of them, it’s a great integration of some of the more individual horror as a kind of wandering, scooby doo esque band of mystery-solvers, as opposed to the classic “Cosmic Deadline approaches. Stop cult(s) before it arrives and eats everyone’s brains and/or souls” that are published a lot.

    But, In all the games I’ve listened to, and from reading the 6th book some time ago, some comments on the mechanics (that won’t matter for like, 3 games because of posting delay.) Attribute checks when called for are almost always at x5 (Similar to Idea, Know and Luck rolls), unless you’re doing something more difficult, where it might be at x3 or x4, like to memorize spells from a book, or to crawl quickly through a tiny passage. Games I’ve heard, which include from longtime players like Yog-Radio and games run by Delta Green writer Adam Scott Glancy usually include one reflexive dodge or parry per round, like how the 40k RPGs by FFG codify that as a Reaction. Using your turn to full defense can result in bonuses to dodge or penalties to be hit. I think there was a third thing but it’s late now and been a couple days since I listened. I hope you guys continue to play, enjoy and more importantly post CoC games.

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