Dec 182013

After the battle with the dryads in Arbortown, retired NYPD detective and crime novelist Frank Lamont is ready to quit his side job as a paranormal investigator. However, when he learns that a straight-laced friend named Ryan Davies was arrested for breaking into an animal shelter to steal drugs, he begins to suspect that something supernatural is afoot. Fearing the worst, he recruits his former colleague biker Jamie Bolton to help him investigate, and the two head up to Arkham to get to the bottom of Davies’ mysterious behavior. Meanwhile, Micky Plutz, a mythology professor and friend of the Davies family, also becomes involved, bringing along his RN neighbor Shaun Pepper. As soon as they meet with Davies, it becomes apparent that some alien force is controlling his actions–but what is it, and how did it gain its power over him? Can this ragtag group of investigators figure out what sinister force is pulling Ryan Davies’ strings before it makes him do something unspeakable? Listen to find out!

This game session was created using the scenario “Lost in a Book,” by Brian Courtemanche, from Arkham Now. It is available for free on Chaosium’s website.

Campaign Navigator: Call of Cthulhu – “Frank ‘n’ Pete”

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  • Omega

    30 minutes into the game, putting my money down on possession via ghost of evil Hunter S Thompson.

    • Omega

      Also, be tee dubs, guys, pretty sure RAW (and definitely RAI), you roll under your current sanity score. The SAN stat reflect starting SAN and the maximum you can be psychoanalyzed to. 99-Cthulhu Mythos is your maximum possible Sanity ever, since you can regain SAN and or increase your POW to gain points over your starting SAN score. Otherwise, the game is intended to be a death spiral. If you only have 8 SAN left, you need to roll an 08 or better to pass.

  • XD I just thought it was kind of hilarious in the fungus game when you guys used smartphones for research and then three minutes later were rolling to see if you knew a rare word instead of just googling it! a lot of these modern-day games written in the 90s are starting to sound weird. Computer Use defaults to 0? Technocrats need to buy lores to find how to deal with vampires instead of just looking it up on the internal Technonetwork? it’s all a little weird.

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