Oct 022013

Following the dust-up at Seldon’s Noctis-Qianjiao apartment complex, the Prometheus Syndicate takes steps to ensure that our rogue Firewall Sentinels will be apprehended–dead or alive. Someone claiming to be Gavin makes a terrorist threat through the entire population’s entoptics, challenging the citizens to find the team and deal with them before they can escape, or a series of bombs will detonate within the city. Now, the group’s only hope for surviving the ordeal might be an unexpected ally: Zora, the Anarchist saboteur who worked with them aboard the Ecstatic Metamorphosis. Can they slip through the streets without arousing the suspicions of the Noctis-Qianjiao police or a horde of panicked citizens? And what about the sniper, tracking them relentlessly from the rooftops? Find out, this week on Fugitives!

Campaign Navigator: Eclipse Phase – “The Promethean Chronicles”

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  • masterphlaime

    This one was an INTENSE game…

  • space-realistically, the cops’ muses would almost certainly instantly hit a panic button when shots were fired. or biometrics on their suits watched by dumb AIs at headquarters would call for a SWAT response without any input needed from the individual. crime…is really hard in the future. =|

    • Yeah, I think Alex gave them an easy out on that one just to keep things moving. Stealth and espionage are not always this group’s strong suit.

      I was a bit disappointed at our lack of resourcefulness during this session. Many of us seemed to be stuck in full-on kill mode the entire time, when what we really needed was finesse. Of course, I might be just a little bit butthurt that nobody liked my “ditch the ship, split up and skip town quietly” plan.

  • Nirvash

    Have to think, there were a lot of goofy things in the play. Though surprised they didn’t just rip the landing struts off and take off, I would expect the ship would be able to survive that.

  • Chados

    Man, this was a brutal game, partially because the characters were not able to get a rest and get their Moxie back. Sometimes it just works out that way.

    Ed, was particularly argumentative this game. 😉 I would also agree that you could get a mental panic-ping out, if they could still do so in some way, with the power/mesh not working…?

    Sheit. I’m almost starting to like Damian. At least the way Chris is playing the character.

    • Yeah, the sniper was a bitch. I actually rolled him up to be a character for me to play if anyone else ever ran a game, and decided to use him as an NPC for this one. His Kinetic Weapons skill is ridiculously high, and he has a specialty in sniper rifles. I haven’t looked at the sheet in a while, but I’m pretty sure that, with the mods on his rifle, his skill with a sniper rifle is 110 or 120. So yeah…..

  • aquahelix

    So just for fun I decided to see how big the explosion would be for an antimatter drive courier ship. I was able to find an antimatter calculator online and ran the numbers. Assuming the Mother Fucker had a full tank of gas it would have had 6 tons of antimatter on it. Six tons of antimatter would result in a 234,240 megaton explosion, or about 2.3 times as big as what killed the dinosaurs.

    If it was the only antimatter drive ship parked there we’re looking at a crater somewhere around 250 miles in diameter and around 20 miles deep. Or a little more than twice as long as Long Island. Probably the biggest explosion mars had seen in a few billion years.

    So in another universe you guys killed 200 million people and destroyed humanities new home. Fuck yeh!

    • That is why they don’t let antimatter-fueled ships anywhere near planets and populated habitats in canon EP.

    • Chados

      They *are* good at killing a lot of people at once! 😀

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