Jan 012014

This week, our team of former Firewall Sentinels faces the ultimate showdown with Blake Diaz, one of their oldest enemies in the Prometheus Syndicate. When a standard asteroid base infiltration turns out to be a deadly ambush, Doc, Lucas, Amir, Gavin, Elis, Damien and Dalton must pull together in order to neutralize Blake and the four forks he brought along in tricked-out combat morphs. Will they survive? And if they do, what secrets will the Promethean AI Athena reveal to them about Charlemagne and his plans for a system-wide viral outbreak? Find out in the epic conclusion to the Fugitives arc of our ongoing Eclipse Phase campaign!

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  • freeing seed AIs, nooo! have we learned nothing?! I’m moving to the Jovian Republic. they’ve got 4G there, right?

    • I’m sure Lucas would’ve had a bit more to say about that if he wasn’t literally three quarters of the way to death after the fight with Blake Diaz. We probably should have offered to take her out of there rather than let her transmit herself wherever the hell she felt like it, but oh well. The Junta’s sarcophagus habs are looking mighty fine these days–if you can get past the radiation and the environmental sepsis.

      • Omega

        Just sell off your transhuman body for a lot of money and take it all to the Republic with you. If you have money you can live in a better “neighborhood”.

      • I was especially surprised Lucas didn’t have a little panic attack! I guess you do what you gotta do to stop 99.99% of transhumanity being wiped out.

        I wonder what the ETI artifact the TITANs discovered looked like. I wonder if it could even be discovered or destroyed by transhumanity. I bet it’s encoded in a way transhumans won’t discover for another 150 (or 200 million?) years, so only self-improving intelligences can run into it, dooming all sufficient cogniciencies to…doom.

    • Alex

      I promise that this decision will not immediately come back and bite them in the ass. There’s only one or two more games left, and they’re going to have MUCH bigger fish to worry about than Athena. However, I was thinking about maybe running a short sequel game later on down the line…

      • Friend Computer is your space friend!

      • Chados

        There wasn’t much debate on whether to let the Seed AI out of the bottle, so to speak. I mean- it *seemed* nice and friendly, but I’ve been bit in the ass by this in a game or two, myself. 🙂 Did you get back to Athena in one of the later/followup games, Alex?

        • We haven’t run the follow-up games yet. We’re finishing up all the other campaigns we have going before we get to that. But I have the arc of the campaign planned out. I don’t want to say too much, because I know the guys read these comments, but I will just say that I have not forgotten about Athena.

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