Apr 022014
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In Part II of “The Crimson Secret,” the gang of Investigators digs deeper into the disappearances in Portland. Half go exploring in a dangerous seaside cave where, according to a local fisherman, dangerous creatures that prey upon human passersby make their nest. The other Investigators find themselves trapped at a local cannery, at the mercy of a mad mastermind who may be behind it all. In order to escape, they’ll have to resort to desperate measures, pull a foolhardy stunt or two, and possibly wander headlong into certain death. But just who–or what–is responsible for engineering the bloodthirsty worms? Is it the New World Order, as Augie believes, or something more sinister? And just what is the group’s former stuntman doing tied up in a closet, anyway? Listen to this week’s Call of Cthulhu Actual Play to find out!

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