Apr 022014
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In Part II of “The Crimson Secret,” the gang of Investigators digs deeper into the disappearances in Portland. Half go exploring in a dangerous seaside cave where, according to a local fisherman, dangerous creatures that prey upon human passersby make their nest. The other Investigators find themselves trapped at a local cannery, at the mercy of a mad mastermind who may be behind it all. In order to escape, they’ll have to resort to desperate measures, pull a foolhardy stunt or two, and possibly wander headlong into certain death. But just who–or what–is responsible for engineering the bloodthirsty worms? Is it the New World Order, as Augie believes, or something more sinister? And just what is the group’s former stuntman doing tied up in a closet, anyway? Listen to this week’s Call of Cthulhu Actual Play to find out!

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  • Omega

    Another great CoC session. I really like how, while still playing to some typical lovecraft tropes this also swerves back to maybe a more traditional horror movie scenario, where it plays on some regular primal fears (and making a few more with temporary insanity). Also, wasn’t expecting another “cliffhanger” since IIRC none of these scenarios have gone to three before, and a part three wasn’t listen in your index.

    While it’s been a while since I’ve looked at my CoC rulebook, the way I’ve always heard it as 5+ SAN in a single event is a temporary insanity (shorter or longer term based on in or out of combat), and 1/5th of your total SAN in a game-hour or less is an indefinite (which depends on what’s been making you crazy and lasts an indeterminate number of months until you get cured of it). Permanent insanity occurs when you reach 0 or less SAN, and renders you a non-functional wreck until you go back up to positive numbers of SAN. If the Keeper is feeling generous.

    However, technically this correction goes against my earlier advice of more crazy = more fun, so you guys should probably just do what you like. The RNR crew has a particular gusto for handling madness which I like. It’s a good mindset to have for this type of game.

  • Oh Snap, a 3 parter!
    Loved how the priest met his end, sorry Will 🙂

  • it’s always good when Will dies. the only downside is that you’ll have to learn to wince in a new direction when he comes up with a new character.

  • Chados

    Lotsa fun, guys! I keep losing my shit every time you guys talk about permanent insanity, like Omega brought up. I think they’re right on the money there, don’t know if you’ve read up on the rules or changed things since then, but Omega is right.

    • Alex

      When we say “permanent insanity,” we really mean “indefinite.” It’s just that most of our characters (and CoC characters in general) tend to die before the issue is resolved, so it becomes more permanent for them.

      • Chados

        Makes sense. 🙂 Thanks for the reply, Alex. I do enjoy the APs!

  • Omega

    Y’know, listening to this again, I am astonished at your collective inability to keep the characters’ names straight. And I say this as a person who is bad at real life names. It’s just always so surprising and funny when you guys spend 10 minutes trying to remember everybody’s names. I guess I just have too much experience with google doc shared character sheets and typed notes so I can actually read them.

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