May 272015
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With the dracolich defeated, the Nettlers (and Taeros) are ready to move on to their final quest: retrieving the diadem of the Dryads from the dreaded Ghost King! However, before they can set out for the Haunted Heath, old friends return to bring them dire news. Pendrel’s sister, a healer working for the rebels, reports that Nettle has been overrun by King William’s forces, and that the shattered rebel leadership have an apocalyptic plan to transform their mother into a goddess of destruction. Brinton, who has communed and become one with Arachnus, returns from the World Wide Web imbued with the knowledge that someone is distributing ancient rituals of apotheosis, and the entire pantheon is now under assault from mortal usurpers. With the rebellion in shambles and even the gods running scared, will the group be able to save Nettle–and the rest of the kingdom–from total annihilation? And what has the Ghost King to do with any of this?

Campaign Navigator: Dungeon World – “The Nettle Crusades”

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  • Unit Omega

    So I re-listened to Chillimancy recently – and it’s amazing how basically every little detail in that original game comes back in the Nettle Campaign (“Blood golem femurs are good luck!”). Ryan either has a godly memory, or he listens back to that game regularly, because damn.

    If you haven’t in a while, go back and give it a listen – see how many Nettle references you retroactively catch.

    • Chados

      I did go back and listen to the Fiasco game where Nettle first appeared(and Hanzabar, Anethaema, and Mitch(Troubadour!)). Good idea there, Omega.

      Otherwise, good episode here. I guess we’re about in the “Epic Tier” of DW now- were you guys like 7th or 8th level by this point?

      • Yep, most of the PCs are somewhere around there. That’s why we’re moving up to battling would-be gods over the fate of the kingdom–maybe even the world! Hopefully the Nettlers (and Taeros) will be able to save the day.

      • Taeros has yet to turn into air, fill up someone’s lungs and then burst forth from their chest. So the campaign can’t end yet!

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